Darksiders 3 Wrath Boss Guide

Wrath is another one of those Darksiders 3 bosses that did not really need to be in the game. The fight can be considered tough, but it is incredibly straightforward and you should not run into much trouble during it. Our Darksiders 3 Wrath Boss Guide will make things even easier for you as it will guide you through the entire fight in a step-by-step process.

Darksiders 3 Wrath Boss

Wrath is an incredibly simple boss to beat. All you need to do is to make sure that you do not get impatient and bide your time. Boss fights cannot be rushed since the bosses rely on you making mistakes such as not being able to dodge their attacks.

Wrath has many attacks. He has 3 different kinds of slashes in which he throws his axes in certain directions.

He can throw it from the right to the left side, he can throw both of his axes in a scissor fashion, or he can throw the axe in an overhand method. He can also charge at you and perform an uppercut when in motion.

Lastly, He can small his two weapons into one and leap into the air to attack you.

Attacks and How to Defeat

Wrath is the second boss in the game and has attacks that are quite slow. The best way to deal damage to this boss is to wait for him to attack and when he does, simply dodge it before immediately throwing the counter-attack.

This window of opportunity will allow you to consistently deal damage to him while taking little damage in return.

In the time that it takes Wrath to perform a second attack, he is so sluggish that you can perform a full combo. You can simply press the ‘Square’ button 5 times during the interval in between his attacks in order to deal bonus damage on the 5th hit.

One thing to watch out for is the fact that since his attacks are so slow; you may end up dodging too early.

Make sure you wait for the correct moment before you press the dodge button or you will end up taking damage. His animation is very easy to recognize so use that to your advantage.

Towards the later stages of the fight, he will try to kick you after using his gauntlets. The kicks are very easy to avoid, but be careful of him using his blades once again since he does immediately switch to them and use them to deal damage to you.

Keep on repeating the process of dodging and throwing counter-attacks to drain his health to 0 and win the fight.

Wrath Second Encounter

In the rematch, Wrath has a Running Slash, in which Wrath swings his axe while running. He can also swipe his gauntlet from end to end and can be dodged forward. He can also kick you if you get too close.

He can also perform a left slash along with a ground pound. The ground pound is easy to predict as he rears back with his right hand and then strains from the force of his attack.

Also, watch out for his sword attacks as they can be quite deadly. Flying Swords can fly around in circles and you need to slip inside the circular path to avoid them.

Lastly, he can bring his swords to slam down on the ground and they can be dodged by moving to the side.

During the first half of the battle, you need to reduce his health to half. Once the health is at the half, Wrath starts killing demons and lurchers around him in order to harvest their health.

You need to interrupt these attacks using your weapon. Try to use the Stasis Hollow to slow Wrath down and get in front of him so he cannot move that fast.

Towards the end, Wrath once again gains all of his health by clearing the area of all of the Angels and Demons. He will now use his swords which you can dodge and then attack him to slowly reduce his health to 0 and finish the fight.

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