Darksiders 3 Trophies Reveal Interesting Details Regarding The Game

If you are interested in unlocking all the achievements in Darksiders 3 then here are the Darksiders 3 achievements that you need to complete.

Darksiders 3 is around the corner and the trophies of the game have just been leaked. If you are interested in unlocking all the achievements in Darksiders 3 then the following are the Darksiders 3 achievements that you need to complete.

Darksiders 3 Trophies List

  • It’s up to you to pierce the foundation! 
    Unlock everything
  • Green of Envy
    Overcoming Envy
  • Sovereign Apathy
    Defeat Laziness
  • All That Glitters
    Overcoming Avarice
  • The folly of grandeur
    Overcoming Lust
  • The eyes bigger than the belly
    Defeat the Gluttony
  • The Red Veil
    Overcoming Anger
  • Egomaniac
    Overcoming Pride
  • Thirst for power
    Defeat the Last Sin
  • Light the Fire
    Get the Abyss of Flames
  • It’s a rock! It’s a pic! 
    Get the Abyss of Strength
  • The Queen of Ice
    Get Stasis Abyss
  • In a storm
    Get the Abyss of Storms
  • Optimization! 
    Improve an optimization
  • Can you restore Balance? 
    Improve an optimization up to the Balanced level
  • Balance in all things
    Improve 5 optimizations up to the Balanced level
  • An extended hand
    Saving a human
  • Five in Heaven
    Save 5 humans
  • Recruitment advice
    Save 10 humans
  • Community Radiation
    Save 15 Humans
  • Humanitarian aid
    Save 20 humans
  • This is just the beginning
    Improve any weapon
  • Extreme limit
    Upgrade any weapon to the Max level.
  • The Devil is in the details
    Kill 666 enemies
  • Cleanup Team
    Get 500 items by eliminating enemies
  • In Fury
    Eliminate 666 Enemies Shaped Chaos
  • Protector of Humanity
    Complete the game at any level of difficulty
  • The Way of the Rider
    Finish the game in NORMAL mode
  • Death Made Rider
    Complete the game in the APOCALYPTIC mode
  • Angelic Guardian
    Get 50 Angelic Artifacts
  • Demonic Guardian
    Get 50 Demonic Artifacts
  • Among the Elected
    Get the Essence of an Elect
  • The first in a long series
    Spend an Attribute Point
  • 25 for eternity
    Spend 25 attribute points
  • Great Flamboyant
    Spend 50 Attribute Points
  • Increased Capacity
    Enhance Nephilim’s Resting Capacity
  • Maximum capacity
    Improve 4 times the Nephilim’s Rest capacity
  • Greater vigor
    Enhance care provided by Nephilim’s Rest
  • Maximum Vigor
    Improve the care provided by Nephilim Rest 4 times
  • Demonic Trouble
    Maker Meet Abraxis
  • Unshakeable Fortitude
    Get 30 pieces of Adamantine
  • Unyielding Strength
    Get 30 Adamantine Fragments
  • Will of iron
    Get 30 pieces of Adamantine
  • Pure Power
    Get 3 Adamantine Blocks
  • Hi,
    Get the Cross Blade Hi
  • Harvester of Souls
    Get 100,000 Spectra
  • Soul Mower
    Get 1,000,000 Spectra
  • Who sounds the death knell
    Eliminate Lust without killing Usiel
  • Cow Love
    Defeat the Kraken
  • Farewell Gift
    Receive the last present of the Lord of the Abyss

Darksiders 3 will release on November 27th for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Be sure to pre-order the game in order to unlock the exclusive armor. Be sure to unlock all the trophies in Darksiders 3 in order to complete the game 100%.

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