Darksiders 3 Tips and Tricks

Although Darksiders 3 is not the most complicated game in the world, there is still a lot to learn, especially if you are a new player of the series. Our Darksiders 3 Tips and Tricks Guide will tell you all that you need to know when it comes to the basics of DS3.

Darksiders 3 Tips and Tricks

Remember that our DS3 Tips Guide is still a work-in-progress and we will continue to update it with new information. Make sure to check back at a later date when we have more tips and tricks for you.

Let us go ahead and see which things you need to grasp a hold of from the beginning if you want to harvest souls quicker than everyone else does.

Difficulty Settings

There are a total of 4 difficulty settings for you to choose from. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Apocalyptic.

The “Normal” setting should be good for most players. If you have played and finished previous games in the series, you can start off with the “Hard” setting.

You should try to familiarize yourself with the Evade Counter as soon as possible as that will make the game much easier for you. In the higher difficulty settings, enemies have more health, and better as well as faster attacks.


Death in Darksiders 3 is not permanent, but has a lot of disadvantages for you. When you die, you respawn at a nearby Serpent Hole with 2 Nephilim’s Respite and full health. All the souls that you had are dropped.

If you want to pick up your souls, head to the location that you died at and strike the Demon Lurcher who will be absorbing the nearby Lurchers until it is destroyed.

Remember that all of the enemies in the area will also respawn. You must battle all of them again to get to the location you died.

You can also farm additional souls if you want. If you feel like you are going to come back to collect the souls after a while, it is best to not shatter any Lurcher Crystals until you need them. These items are not dropped when you die.

How to Fast Travel

Since the map is quite large, fast travelling is going to be very important. In order to fast travel, you need to head on to the Serpent Holes which are used by Vulgrim to teleport you to his designated Plinth locations.

If you want to fast travel, you need to go ahead and speak to Vulgrim and select the option “Serpent Holes”. After that, you will be able to view all of the fast travel locations that are available to you and select one of them.

You can use your bumper keys to scroll through the regions and simply select the one that you need to move to.

Whenever you find a new Vulgrim Plinth, you can fast travel to that specific location and it is added for future use. Make sure to visit each of the Plinths in every region since you will only be able to fast travel to the Plinths that you have visited previously.

How to Heal

Your health meter will be visible in green towards the top left side of your screen. The healing is done through consumables that you can find all over the world.

The consumables are visible in the bottom left corner and you can press up on the d-pad to use a consumable. Let us take a look at some of those consumables.

Nephilim’s Respite
This is the main way that you will be healing yourself with. They can restore your health and are found in the green souls that occasionally drop from enemies. Invigoration Cores can be used to increase the maximum capacity of Nephilim’s Respite.

Health Shards
These shards can be found in the world or bought from Vulgrim. They are much rare than Nephilim’s Respite so be careful about when you use them.

Their price increases every single time you buy them from Vulgrim, so it is best if you limit their purchases for use when you are in desperate need to top off your health.

Wrath and Havoc Meters

Your wrath meter is of yellow color and visible beneath the health. Whenever it is full, you can perform a powerful attack which empties the meter and does extra damage. It can be perform by pressing your 2 bumper keys together.

You will be very powerful when in this mode and your attacks depend on the active Hollow.

When in this form, you will be dealing Arcane energy. You can use the Scarlet Strike to deal damage to slow moving enemies or a lot of smaller enemies if you are surrounded.

In the Havoc Form, you have the spiral shaped meter on top of your screen which fills up when you deal damage to enemies and kill them.

The meter transforms into a demon and will allow you to enter Havoc form by pressing L1+R2. In this mode, you can dual wield Barbs of Scorn and are immune to damage.

The form lasts for 15 seconds and can be extended if you use the Chaos enhancement. You do not need to drain the entire meter and can stop using it if all enemies are dead.

The Havoc form is a good escape mechanism to have, and can be used to get out of tight spots.

Enhancements offer health bonuses that can allow you to survive longer. The Leviathan Enhancement offers you passive health regeneration. This enhancement can be bought for a total of 5,000 souls.

Another enhancement that you can buy is the Marauder Enhancement. This enhancement allows you to have a 5% increase in the spawn rate of Health Lurchers which will recharge your Nephilim’s Respite.

This enhancement can be found where you fight the Wrath boss. Move through the upper passage and go to the path found beside the cliff. Here, a lava room will have the enhancement.

Switching Hollow Forms

There are a total of 4 different Hollow Forms that you will slowly acquire during the time you play this game. Being able to quickly change between all of them will allow you to have a hefty advantage as all of them bring along certain buffs with them.

In order to change the form, you need to be holding the LB/L1 button and then press the button corresponding to each form. Here are all of the forms and their respective buttons:

  • Force Hollow: A, X
  • Flame Hollow: B, Circle
  • Stasis Hollow: X, Square
  • Storm Hollow: Y, Triangle

Once you understand how to quickly switch between these forms, you will be able to do that instantly when in combat or solving a puzzle.

Boss Fights

Darksiders 3 has very challenging boss fights so you’re better off getting some tips on the subject.

Mainly, bosses in general have a particular set of attacks just like the goons but in more variety, depending on the difficulty level of the boss.

Each boss uses its attacks in a pattern that is not tough to get a hang of. Some attacks also have giveaways, meaning for most part the attacks will be identifiable from a specific action that the boss performs.

You can take a try at the boss to understand these patterns and if you die, you can come back and be ready for action.

Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the boss, all that left is to timely evade the attacks and windows of opportunity to inflict damage.

You cannot Block an attack but only Dodge and get out of the way. Use jump and roll in the direction that evades the attack, its your best bet.

Purchasing Items

You can buy most items ranging from basic healing shards to any ability bestowing item and crafting ingredients from Vulgrim at any Serpent Hole.

It’s important to know that certain items increase in cost as you buy more of them. So, its better you abstain from using a lot of those items on lesser enemies and just for fun.

Thus, you’d be able to purchase these items cheaply in late game when they are much needed.

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