Darksiders 3 Sloth Boss Guide

Our Darksiders 3 Sloth Boss Guide discusses on what makes for an effective strategy against Sloth. While not a particularly difficult boss to fight, Sloth sure does have few tricks up his sleeves that are bound to give you trouble.

Darksiders 3 Sloth Boss

If you are interested in the location where you can find Sloth, he is situated near the sunken city of Cistern and Tangled Grotto, Nether.

Sloth is a slow-moving boss enemy that utilizes poisonous projectiles and attacks to make up for his shortcoming in movement speed.

For the first part of the fight, he will stay seated at this throne while his little bugs carry him around. During this phase, damage cannot be dealt to Sloth directly, but rather to his bugs that surround him and emerge from the ground.

Your best chance against the enemy is by equipping a Shade enhancement, like that of Lance of Scorn, to your weapon.

Moreover, you may use Storm Hollow’s Wrath Attack since both this and the Shade enhancement will deal good amount of damage.

Equipping the Arcane Damage Reduction will also be viable since you will essentially be combating the poison status effects of Sloth.

Without further ado, let us analyze his different offensive moves and how to dodge them, all the while striving for your goal to defeat Sloth.

Toxic Bomb
A poisonous projectile is sent out via both the front and back part of Sloth’s staff. You will know when to dodge, as there will be an indicator of green flash on the staff whenever the move is being initiated.

After dodging the attack, punish the bugs with standard moves while Flame Hollow is activated.

Staff Swipe
Sloth will swing his staff when he gets in close range. This coupled with the distraction of the Sloth bugs can easily make it hard for you to dodge his swiping slashes. However, be mindful of the staff’s movement and try to keep your distance.

Staff Slam
If you attempt to get rid of enough of Sloth’s companion bugs, he will perform a devastating overhead slam move with his staff. The attack has a huge hitbox so it is very difficult to evade.

Try to not approach the bugs carelessly at the rear end of Sloth, be cautious!

Ground Pound
Halfway into the fight, sloth will descend from his throne to perform a ground slam which sends out a shockwave of toxicity. Dodge away when you observe him shaking or fluttering before hitting the ground.

During this move, you can choose to focus on the boss only by increasing your defense against the bugs through a Thorn Shard.

During the last stage of the fight, when Sloth is always in your face and aggressive enough to deal good damage with slams and melee attacks from the staff, utilize Triple Tempests.

The electric cyclones, via consumption of a Wrath Shard, will be very effective for dealing damage to Sloth during this phase of the fight.

After the fight, you can collect Luminous Visage as the loot drop from Sloth. Also, explore around the area to collect other valuable items including the Angelic and Demonic Artifacts that you will require for Enhancement Upgrades.

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