Darksiders 3 Release Date Appears To Have Been Leaked On The Microsoft Store

The apocalyptic hack and slash game Darksiders 3 is in the works and there is quite an excitement among fans about the game, still, no one has an idea about the release date of the game.

There have been a few rumors regarding the release date a few months back but all the leaks were crushed. Although now, it seems to be that this new Darksiders 3 Release Date just might be legit, as it comes directly from the game’s page on Microsoft Store.

It has almost been a year since Darksiders 3 was officially announced, but that has been pretty much it. Other than a few details taken from the gameplay trailer and the announcement trailer, none of us know much about this game. Especially the release date seems to have been in a continuous speculation process.

Back in April, there were a few rumors and leaks which suggested the game to be released in August, but Microsoft did not confirm it.  Now though, with this new Darksiders 3 Release Date that appeared on the Microsoft store, it seems like the game will launch on November 27.

This latest Darksiders installment to the franchise, which is in the works picks off from where its previous sequels left off. It continues the biblical story of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as they attempt to uncover details about the Apocalypse, arriving a little too soon than actually expected.

Having said that, Microsoft removed the Darksiders 3 Release Date shortly after the leak surfaced, fortunately, a lot of fans were able to get a screenshot, which does prove that it was there.

Still, we can’t be completely sure about the release date of the game, so we would recommend you to take this with a grain of salt for now. Or at least until any legit confirmation is given.

That said what are your expectations for the game? Let us know in the comments below.