Darksiders 3 Will Feature Multiple Endings Depending On Player Choices

Darksiders 3 will launch later this year and will continue the Darksiders saga with Fury as the protagonist this time around. While the upcoming game will be improving upon everything that was good in the first two games but will also feature multiple endings depending on player choices.

This is according to Hobbyconsolas, who recently previewed Darksiders 3 and revealed that during her journey, Fury will come across a few points where she will have to make decisions and these decisions will result in different Darksiders 3 endings.

A novelty in this release is that at some point Fury will have to make a decision. Decision that will alter the gameplay and offer different endings to the adventure.

This is certainly new as both Darksiders and Darksiders 2 didn’t feature multiple endings and featured a pretty linear story that took War and Death on their own adventures with different motivations.

However, these Darksiders 3 endings will impact the overall Darksiders ark or not is currently unknown but, it seems unlikely that it will happen since developers have been setting up the Darksiders story for over a decade.

Speaking of the game, developer Gunfire Games have also revealed the vocal talent behind Fury. The developers have confirmed that Cissy Jones will be voicing Fury in Darksiders 3.

Jones is a versatile voice actor with big roles under her belt such as Delilah in Firewatch, Sloane in Destiny 2, Joyce Price in Life Is Strange and other characters in games such as The Walking Dead.

Darksiders 3 will takes place during and before the events of the first Darksiders title where Fury will have to wipe out 7 deadly sins that have escaped.

Gunfire Games have already shown two of the physical representation of 7 deadly sins. Sloth was revealed last year while Wrath has recently been revealed in new gameplay footage.

While the game hasn’t released but many are already comparing the game with God Of War due to Fury’s weapon of choice.

However, the devs have noted that God Of War is an AAA title but they still got a chance against it and could become a fan favorite.

What do you think of Darksiders 3 featuring multiple endings? Is Gunfire Games doing the right thing by featuring multiple endings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Hobbyconsolas

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