Darksiders 3 Gluttony Boss Guide – Attacks, How to Defeat, Combat Tips

Our Darksiders 3 Gluttony Boss Guide will help you learn all about locating and defeating Gluttony sin in Darksiders 3 with our helpful tips.

You will not know the true capability of Fury until you take her into a battle with the bosses themselves. In our Darksiders 3 Gluttony Boss Guide, we will be discussing what makes for an effective strategy against Gluttony in Darksiders III.

Darksiders 3 Gluttony Boss

Found in the Sunken Tracks and Sewage Egress area, Gluttony, as the name suggests, is a massive and bulky sea creature with tentacles that will slam, strike, and send out toxic projectiles in the form of spit and bombs.

Since Gluttony has an armored shell for the most part of its body, you will be concentrating damage on the glowing vulnerable areas on its elongated tentacles. Utilizing Salvation imbued strikes is more effective since the monster is susceptible to it.

Before heading into the fight, it is advisable to activate Flame Hollow and consume either the Undying Shard or Fortification Shard.

Tentacle and Claw Swipe Attacks
The tentacles protruding out from Gluttony swing in a semi-circle trajectory. The only way to avoid it is to be outside the range or vicinity of the attack, so rush or dodge backward.

Alternatively, you can also manage to escape via a well-timed Flame Jump. Gluttony itself will extend his arms and perform claw strikes. Dodge sideways to avoid this attack!


Tentacle Slam
This attack usually follows from the swipe move, so avoiding this powerful crushing move, there is a small window where you can get the punish. An Executioner combo is a decent counter that will take out a huge chunk of the enemy’s health.

Spit Attack
For long-ranged attacks where grabs will not be able to reach Fury, this projectile comprised of saliva and mucus are hurled towards the character. The spit has decent pushback and carries some good damage.

Aerial Bombs
These are teal-colored projectiles that stick to the ground and create puddles. Walking into them will cause damage, so wherever roam around cautiously even when your focus is on Gluttony.

Chew Attack
Remember we told you to use the Force Hollow? Well, this is why. Thanks to Gluttony’s ability to suck the character in towards it, the creature can then grab onto and start munching Fury.

The move should be avoided at all costs and if you have activated the Force Hollow then you have no reason to fear. Stay back; you can punish Gluttony by sending out Salvation its way.

After you have brought Gluttony to half its HP, the sea creature will smash down on the floor and cause it to collapse leading into a flooded cave. Use either of the Flame or Storm Hollow to swim your way away from Gluttony.

You will need to dodge the debris it hurls towards you (by swimming perpendicularly) all the while trying to lure the two Floating Mines situated here, towards Gluttony’s mouth.

Once you get close to it and trigger the Chew Attack again underwater, you need to lure the Floating Mines so they are swallowed instead. Move in closer after the two mines have been swallowed to finish off Gluttony for good.

Collect the Luminous Visage as the loot drop from Darksiders III Gluttony and explore around the area for other valuable items including Angelic Artifacts and Demonic Artifacts which you will require for Enhancement Upgrades.

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