Darksiders 2 The Scar Dungeon Guide

Just like the other Dungeons in Darksiders 2, you will have to visit ‘The Scar’ to complete the list of collectibles. Darksiders 2 The Scar Dungeon has got multiple floors making it slightly harder to explore the complete area.

So, if this area is giving your troubles, you can refer to the following step-by-step walkthrough that will guide you through various puzzles and enemies inside.

Darksiders 2 The Scar Dungeon

Note: You can’t begin this dungeon until you’ve got the Deathgrip.

Scar Exterior
To enter the Scar, climb up to its lower balcony and use the Deathgrip to swing across an overhead hoop and grasp a wooden post. Leap from the post to claim a floating Boatman Coin, and then go upstairs to reach the Scar’s upper balcony. Before heading inside, look up and shoot the Stonebite hidden inside the broken overhead pipe.

Entry Stairs
You’ll see a pair of pegs after you descend into the Scar. Wall run across them to reach a ledge where you’ll find a chest. Take the contents, return to the entrance and move on through the south door. You’ll be dropped into a lower area by the Ghorn here.

Slay the Corrupted Construct Warriors who materialize after you land, and then proceed down the west stairs. The warriors are not a threat but best eliminate them anyway and be careful of not falling in the lava. Drop down into the hole at the end of the passage to reach the next area.

Noxious Nest
A Stinger Hive stands in this lower area. Wipe out the Noxious Stingers it spawns and destroys the hive to prevent more of the pests from emerging. Wall-run through the narrow south passage afterward, jumping between the walls to extend your run. You have to reach a furnace and then reach the top of it without falling in the lava.

Lava Pit
As you near, the lava will start to rise due to Ghorn’s rampage.

Now you have to grab onto the left edge and jump over to the other. Move to your right and stop when you see the scale wall. Wall-run up the wall and bounce off. There is a left hook that you have to hold using the Deah Grip.

Find a new ledge and reach the above ledge and make your way to the right. Once you have reached the end of the ledge, jump to the upper one and go over the ledge. Wall-run up the wall and bounce off. There is a left hook that you have to hold using the Deah Grip.

Again repeat the process of finding a new ledge but this time after you wall-run along the wall, you are not going to bounce off until you reach the interactive edge. Now when you wall-run along the wall, you will do it towards the edge on the left. Now hold on to the upper ledge and wall run-up to reach your last edge so you can climb the safe shelf.

West Custodian Cavern
Sprint across this room and activate the Maker Custodian, and then unleash its heavy blows against the Corrupted Construct Warriors and Adjuncts who materialize. Roll across the west lava afterward, park the Custodian on an orb slot, fire its chain at the distant target, and tiptoe across.

When you reach the end of the chain, Deathgrip the hoop on the nearby broken pipe and swing to solid ground. Go west, swing across two more hoops, and cut down the Corrupted Construct Warriors that attack you when you land.

Wall-run to the north after slaying the Constructs. Jump the corner and when your wall-run begins to lose steam, jump off the wall and Deathgrip the hoop ahead to swing over to a hand hold. Climb up to reach a ledge with an ornate chest that contains a Skeleton Key.

After getting the key, turn around and wall-run back along the west passage. Navigate a few hand-holds to reach a high ledge, and you’ll find a Book of the Dead page. After that get back across the hand holds to return to the Skeleton Key ledge.

Carefully jump down from the ledge to land on the Custodian’s chain below, grabbing a floating Boatman Coin in the process.

Cross the chain and drop down to solid ground. Use the Custodian to wipe out the Corrupted Construct Warriors who appear, and then smash the Corruption crystals in the nearby passage.

Leave the Custodian behind and pass through the east door Deathgrip the hoop above the lava pit you scaled before, and proceed through the east door to reach the next area.

Lava Junction
Cut down the Corrupted Construct Warriors and Adjuncts who ambush you in this area, and then wall-run along the east wall, vaulting off of a peg on your way to a locked door. Use your Skeleton Key to unlock the door and advance.

Precarious Pillars
You need to get across here by climbing up and deathgripping across several pillars. Be careful however, as they will start sinking under your weight.

East Custodian Chamber
Slaughter a number of Corrupted Construct Warriors and Adjuncts as you enter this area, and then look for a peg on the wall near the entry door. Vault up off of it to reach a small nook with a chest in it, and then drop down from the nook and proceed south toward another Maker Custodian.

Death becomes trapped inside the room as he nears the Maker Custodian, forced to combat a Corrupted Construct Champion and two Corrupted Construct Adjuncts.

After you’ve beaten them, and then scale the north wall and work your way across the room to reach the south balcony. Pull the lever you find there to lower the gate near the Maker Custodian.

Drop down from the ledge, quickly activate the Custodian, and then use it to smash the additional constructs that storm the room. Search the nook from which these final enemies emerged to discover a chest that contains the Dungeon Map.

Roll north, and then east afterward, smashing through some Corruption crystals to access a fiery chamber.

East Lava Cavern
Two cranks must be turned within this chamber to raise the north gates. Roll west from the entry to reach a side passage and park the Custodian on the orb slot there to lower the nearby gate. Dismount and wall-run to a hand hold, and then time your wall run to avoid the lava spewing pipe’s overhead.

When you reach the final hand hold, climb up to the first crank and turn it to remove one of the two north gates. Enter the nearby passage afterward to discover a chest, and then drop down from the passage’s end to return to the Custodian.

Now, roll the Custodian into the chamber’s east passage. Park it on another orb slot there, and this time, fire its chain at a target to the north. Mount the chain afterward and tiptoe across, again timing it so you don’t get burned by the lava flows.

When you reach the end of the chain, turn left and Deathgrip a hoop to swing over to the second crank. Turn this to remove the final gate. Swing back to the chain afterward and avoid the pouring lava as you return to the Custodian. Roll into the north passage.

North Passage
Dismount from the Custodian when you reach a tall gate that blocks your progress. Scale the nearby wall to bypass the obstacle. A host of Corrupted Construct Warriors, Adjuncts, and Champions ambush you on the gate’s other side.

This is a perilous battle because ceiling pipes regularly pour lava into holes in the floor. Evade around these lethal obstacles as you cut down the constructs.

Slaying all of the enemies lowers the surrounding gates, allowing you to return for your Maker Custodian. Do so and roll past the west lava, arriving at a door.

Fire the Custodian’s chain to destroy the Corruption crystals in the nearby passage, causing a bridge to fall into place. Roll across the bridge to return to the Lava Junction area.

Going Back To Lava Junction
Park the Custodian on this area’s south orb slot, and then fire its chain at the south target. When you’re halfway across the chain, turn left and leap into the dark hole in the east wall. Deathgrip the hoop within the hole to ensure you enter it, and then scale the east wall to reach a higher ledge.

Swing from another hoop to reach the opposite ledge and plunder the chest you discover there, and then carefully drop back down to the chain. Cross it, scale the south wall, and proceed through the south door to reach the final area.

Ghorn Showdown
Crack open a pair of chests as you enter this final room. Sprint south afterward to at last face off against Ghorn.

Boss Fight – Ghorn
At first, Ghorn’s attacks are slow and easy to evade. Simply circle around his fist drill, and tap the Evade trigger to backflip away from Ghorn whenever he begins to glow with energy. This signifies an imminent close range blast.

Ghorn will eventually begin to pound the ground, causing flames to bubble up from the lava bed beneath the porous arena. Stay mobile during this attack to avoid damage, and then get back to hacking away at Ghorn.

When Ghorn is reduced to half his health, he starts summoning Corrupted Construct Warriors. Try to ignore them as much as possible, and focus on taking down the construct instead. Keep on whaling on him until he croaks.

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