Darksiders 2 Soul Arbiter’s Scrolls Locations Guide

You might have heard talks of Soul Arbiter’s Scrolls from the Darksiders 2 community. If you are unsure where to find these collectibles, our Darksiders 2 Soul Arbiter’s Scrolls Locations guide will help.

After the end of Darksiders 2, there is a super-difficult dungeon called the Soul Arbiter’s Maze, which features ten levels, each with a specific path you must take to proceed further.

The difficulty of the dungeon isn’t just for the sake of it, but actually because it secretly requires the illusive collectible scrolls (called Soul Arbiter’s Scrolls) to get through the entire area.

These rare scrolls are scattered everywhere in the main story-line of the game, and are of two types. The first type is the standard Soul Arbiter’s Scroll, and the second type is the rare Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scroll.

In this guide we’ll show you where and how to get these scrolls. First, let’s have a look at where to find the Soul Arbiter’s Scrolls.

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Darksiders 2 Soul Arbiter’s Scrolls Locations

Gilded Arena

Scroll #1
Location. This scroll can be found in the second level basement. There’s a narrow hallway with a path that leads back to the chamber of the first floor. Look for a nook in the narrow hallway. It contains the Stone of Power, and can be used again to reveal the writing on the wall, which is the first scroll.

Scroll #2
Location. On the second floor of the arena, before entering the pair of circular rooms to the southwest, turn to your right and check behind a pillar for the scroll.

The Maw

Scroll #3
Location. This scroll is located after defeating the Maw boss, and then leaving the area to go to the Spine. As you are leaving, look for an interior alcove, which will have the scroll.


Scroll #4
Location. On the first floor, when you are ambushed by a Skeleton Champion and Undead Prowler, go across to the south side of the room and check behind the western pillar for the scroll.

Scroll #5
Location. After defeating the Tormentor on the second floor, check the southeastern cell for the scroll written on the wall.

City of The Dead

Scroll #6
Location. On the first floor, pass through the skeleton door to arrive at a rotating bridge. Use Soul Splitter here on the bridge, and then Deathgrip on a hook to climb over to the south edge of the room. Check the southwest corner for the written scroll on the wall.


Scroll #7
In the first courtyard of the area, follow the road east, which will end up in a pit. The pit has the scroll in it.

The Black Stone

Scroll #8
On the first floor (past), run through the easternmost side of the dungeon’s main chambers, and then find the northeastern most portal that is on a balcony. When you are back in the present, turn right to find the scroll.

Scroll #9
On the first floor (past), when you are going after the skeleton key, destroy the corruption crystals in the past. These are found in a backroom away from the central platform. Remember where the crystals were shattered. Now, go down the hall from the main-room and southeast. Return to the present, and go where you shattered the crystals. There will be writing there, which will grant you the 9th scroll.

Soul Arbiter’s Maze

Scroll #10
The final scroll is found right near the entrance to the maze.

Sacred Scrolls

Lair of the Deposed King

Sacred Scroll #1
This is found in the second level basement of the dungeon. This can be done by descending the east stairs. At the base of the steps, turn right and climb the wall. Turn the next corner and look up to find the scroll.

Sacred Scroll #2
When you approach the Deposed King and initiate the boss fight, look in the southwestern corner of the room to find the markings of the scroll.

The Maw

Sacred Scroll #3
In the Overworld, , check out the northwest castle ruins. Climb up and look for a balcony with a switch. There is a nook there with the scroll in it.

Phariseer’s Tomb

Sacred Scroll #4
This sacred scroll is located in the third floor of the dungeon. Look for a nook with a cage in the eastern part of the passageway. The scroll is located behind the cage.

Sacred Scroll #5
After defeating Phariseer, drop off the elevator use Interdiction to access the southern part of floor 1. Use a nearby bomb to destroy the corruption crystals, and then drop to the room below. Check the northeastern corner of this room for the markings on the wall.


Sacred Scroll #6
Boneriven is a secret dungeon that can be accessed at the top of Sentinel’s Gaze. This will require the Soul Splitter ability. Enter the hall that has scarabs in it, and look in the small nooks to the right. The third nook has a hidden scroll in it. This nook is located in the center of the map in the room with multiple nooks and alcoves.

Sacred Scroll #7
When you have ventured into the dungeon and are about to leave, look in final area for alcoves. One of them, located halfway down the hall, has the scroll.

City of the Dead

Sacred Scroll #8
This is found in the eastern section, fourth floor. After locating the skeleton key, you’ll enter a set of underground tombs. You’ll then reach a platform that can be moved about. Next to the platform are bloody marks on the wall.


Sacred Scroll #9
After going through the access tunnels, you’ll get to a collapsed underground road. There will be a tunnel filled with cars. Search there for a hidden room which has marks on the wall near the door.

Ivory Citadel

Sacred Scroll #10
The final Sacred Scroll can be found in the Ivory Citadel, second floor northern section. You will reach the room after fighting the Sycophant enemies after a chase. You can find the last scroll near the second lever when you drop down to a lower ledge.

Congratulations! You just managed to find the Soul Arbiter’s Scrolls (both normal and sacred), and you should now have a much easier time in Soul Arbiter’s Maze. Good luck!

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