Darksiders 2 Lair Of The Deposed King Guide

To access the Darksiders 2 Lair of the Deposed King dungeon you must first defeat Thane as a part of the quest, The Maker Warrior. The dungeon itself, we will explain in this guide below.

This underground ruin is home to a skeletal giant named Argul. The door to the second Death Tomb is also located at the bottom of this ruin, and can be easily accessed by descending the main stairwell all the way to the bottom.

The boss in this dungeon, Argul, is a very tough opponent so it will be wise for you to tackle this quest late on i the game when you are all-powerful yourself.

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Darksiders 2 Lair Of The Deposed King

Entering Death Tomb
Descend the Lair’s main stairwell, continuing ever downward until you reach the chamber at the very bottom of the stairs. The door to the second Death Tomb is located here, along with a Stonebite that’s lodged atop the door.

After collecting twenty Book of the Dead pages, obtain a special key from Vulgrim that allows you to enter this Death Tomb and claim the valuables housed within.


Skeleton Key Passage
Enter the stairwell’s second door to reach this narrow passage. Hang from the entry ledge and drop down past several pegs to reach a low beam.

Jump from the end of the beam and Deathgrip a hoop to swing over to another beam. Climb the wall to reach the passage above.

Run up the flight of stairs to reach an ornate chest that contains a Skeleton Key. Run up the nearby wall after claiming the key, and then jump off from the maximum height of your vertical wall-run in order to reach a floating Boatman Coin.

Go back to the main stairwell afterward, return to the first door you encountered, and then head through.

Main Ruin
The first door leads to the main ruin. Descend the ruin’s east stairs, and then look around for a pair of hand holds on the south wall. Climb up, wall-run to a third hand hold, afterwards shimming around two corners.

Wall-run past a peg to reach another hand hold, and then Deathgrip the hoop above to fly up to a ledge. You will find a Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scroll on the ledge collect it before dropping down to return to the east stairs.

Now, descend the east stairs and drop down off the end of the broken stairs that follow. Turn around and collect the Relic that is beneath the broken stairs, and then open the chest to the north. Proceed through the north door afterward.

Pitfall Passage
Pass through an empty room to reach this passage, which contains two lethal pits. Wall-run past the first pit, and then smash the crates you find on the ledge beyond to discover a Boatman Coin.

Deathgrip an overhead hoop to soar over the second pit and land near a chest. Get out of this passage after taking your plunder and use the Skeleton Key you found in Area 1 to unlock the empty room’s west door.

Scale this small chamber’s south wall to reach a ledge with a lever. Pull the lever to open the nearby gate, allowing for easy travel back to the Lair’s main stairwell. Fall back down from the ledge afterwards and strike the crystal to make the floor lower like an elevator.

The Deposed King’s Court
The elevator ferries Death to a cold section of the ruin. Clear out the Ice Skeletons in the north and south side caverns, and then look around the south cavern’s southwest corner for a scrawl on the wall that bestows a Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scroll.

Backtrack out and proceed west to face off against the Deposed King, Argul. Once again be warned that this boss is very difficult and should be dealt with later on in the game.

Boss fight: Argul
Argul is a towering skeleton known as the Deposed King and it swings around a mace. Slaying Argul will advance one of Thane’s side quests and earn you an excellent weapon.

Argul commonly charges at you with his giant mace, attempting to crush Death with a single blow. Circle around the Deposed King to dodge this lethal strike, and then counter with a devastating combo when his mace becomes stuck in the ground.

If Argul’s mace doesn’t become stuck, then beware: he’ll quickly follow-up with a second strike. If Argul manages to strike you with his mace you may become temporarily frozen quickly tap the Action button to break free of the ice.

Whatever you do do not hit him while his mace is not stuck in the ground. Argul is good at blocking your strikes with his shield and countering with a punishing shield bump.

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