Darksiders 2 Boss Battles Strategy Guide

Darksiders 2 has one of the most iconic boss battles in the series.

Darksiders 2 boss battles are breathtaking. Death will have to take on dead lords and blood princes and much more. Darksiders 2 bosses are not easy.

Every one of these bosses requires you have a sound strategy in order to vanquish them, whether it be chucking giant eggs at them or turning their own attacks against themselves. This Darksiders 2 Boss guide will help you take Death through his adventure to root out corruption from the world.

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Darksiders 2 Boss Battles

War’s Shade
The shadow of War proves to be a challenging adversary, attacking the Reaper with bursts of unbridled wrath. War commonly attacks by unleashing a fluid trio of heavy sword strikes. Evade to the left or right to dodge each attack in the sequence, and try to land a few counter-strikes of your own between War’s comparatively slow blows.

You can inflict the most damage against War after avoiding his third sword strike. Beware the long line of impact damage that lashes out from this final blow, however.

When War begins to block, immediately Evade and jump to avoid his imminent special ability in which massive yellow swords stab up from the ground all around him. When you lock swords with War, quickly press the onscreen button to overpower him.


After the shadow of War falls, approach the battered old Crowfather and press the action button.

Gharn is surprisingly quick for his size, and can cover a lot of ground with his furious charge attack. Whenever you see the brute raise an arm, be ready to Evade to the side and avoid the forthcoming blow. Quickly close in and utilize combos each time you successfully dodge.

Gharn will periodically fall upon one knee during the battle, giving you a chance to pile on the damage. Be ready to flee when the brute begins to recover, though, for Gharn will soon rise and unleash an explosive attack that inflicts tremendous damage.

Tap the Evade trigger a few times to back flip away from Gharn before he erupts. By defeating Gharn you receive a unique secondary weapon called the Dark Avenger.

Karkinos regularly rears back, screams, and then races toward Death with lethal intent. Evade to one side to dodge this linear rush.

Each time you dodge Karkinos’s charge; the monster slams into a wall and knocks an orb-like object from the ceiling. These are actually Earth Crag eggs, and in order to damage Karkinos; you must grab and shove an egg at the boss while it’s temporarily stunned from ramming the wall.

After hitting him with the Earth Crag eggs’ race into striking range and unleash Death’s most devious attacks and skills. Target the monster’s fleshy underside for maximum damage.

The monster will often leap into the air and come crashing back down, sending out a shockwave of lethal magnitude. Jump to avoid the wave. Chucking Earth Crag eggs at the monster causes them to hatch adding baby brutes to the battle. Eliminate them first before turning you r attention back to the boss.

Slaying Karkinos earns you a unique hammer: the Masher of Karkinos.

Construct Hulk
The Construct Hulk pounds the earth. Keep your distance from the monster and note that each time it slams the ground, a number of Shadow bombs fall from the high pods around the arena. Grounded Shadow bombs will erupt after a short time, so you’ll have to be quick when rushing over to the nearest bomb to use it.

Beware of the Boss’ single ground pound jump to avoid the shockwave impact.

Once you’ve obtained a Shadowbomb, immediately toss the bomb at the boss. The bomb will soon detonate, causing the boss to momentarily go down.

Rush toward the Construct Hulk and strike at its exposed core with your most devastating combos.

When you do this, the monster calls lesser Construct Warriors and Adjuncts to its aid. Avoid the boss and cut down its minions to simplify matters before focusing your attention on stunning the Construct Hulk again. Now just repeat this process until you beat him.

The Guardian
Focus on the Guardian as you ride toward it on your horse. Circle to the left around the colossus, and the great monster will soon attack with its massive hammer. Press the Evade trigger to charge to the left when you see the Guardian raise its hammer, riding hard to avoid the devastating attack.

After this immediately enter aiming mode and blast the yellow Shadowbombs lining the outside of the titan’s right arm. Shoot these with Redemption to cause a massive explosion that temporarily severs the arm.

Now quickly ride close to the Guardian’s lowered shoulder before banishing your horse. Switch to the Deathgrip and grasp the Heart Stone affixed to the Guardian’s shoulder. Attack the Heart Stone with Death’s scythes once you’ve zipped into range. Repeat this sequence until you manage to destroy the Heart Stone and permanently disable the Guardian’s right arm.

Phase II
Having lost the use of its enormous hammer, the Guardian changes his plans and begins firing massive, spike-covered orbs at Death from its remaining arm. Summon your horse and then focus on one of the orbs and blast it with Redemption. Ride in circles to avoid the orb as you damage it with shots.

Once the orb is nearly destroyed, it begins to glow and rise. Hurriedly ride toward the Guardian and slip between its massive feet. The damaged orb will race after you, but ultimately, smash into the Guardian’s feet instead! The impact knocks the titan to its knees, leaving it open to attack.

There isn’t much time! Ride to the Guardian’s lowered arm, banish Despair, and wall-run up the arm. Vault off of two pegs to reach a wooden beam, and then move to the beam’s end and look for the nearby Heart Stone. Jump toward the Heart Stone, Deathgrip it, and attack without mercy. Repeat this sequence until the second Heart Stone is destroyed.

Focus on Gnashor and remain evasive as the fiend tunnels around beneath the Arena’s floor. Gnashor will briefly emerge to strike several times before fully bursting out of the earth, exposing itself. Immediately Deathgrip Gnashor’s skull to rip the beast to the ground, then punish its vulnerable skull with a combo.

After suffering significant damage, Gnashor will call upon all of its power and summon its true form. Gnashor now attacks by whipping around its skull and spine. Evade these deadly blows, and strike hard at Gnashor’s feet at every opportunity.

Stagger Gnashor with a powerful combo, and then wait for it to let out a terrible scream. Immediately Deathgrip Gnashor’s skull during this howl to bring the beast crashing down. Assault Gnashor’s skull while the monster is helpless. You can inflict great amounts of damage at this point without fear of counterattack.

Repeat this process to ultimately beat this boss.

The Dead Lord doesn’t give many warnings before he strikes, and he often attacks in fluid combos. Evade often to avoid this nimble boss’s crushing blows, especially when you see him swinging away with abandon. Immediately counter with combos of your own each time Phariseer misses or leaves himself open.

After suffering enough damage, Phariseer will begin to glow and rise, calling forth skeletal minions to aid him. Use skills such as Exhume and Harvest to keep these skeletal minions off your back while you focus on combating their master.

Don’t forget to unleash your Reaper Form against Phariseer—it helps even the odds!

Defeating this boss is not easy so have some potions with you beforehand. After defeating him, you gain him as an ally.

Bone Giant
This hulking brute swipes twice with its razor-sharp claws when Death draws near. The Bone Giant can also lash out with its skull when Death remains at a distance, and occasionally stomps its massive feet to crush Death underfoot.

Evade in a circle around the Bone Giant, seeking to dodge its favored one-two combo. Deathgrip close to the monster after you dodge and unleash your most fatal combo to inflict heavy damage on it. This is the tomb’s final battle, so do not feel hesitant to call upon Death’s Reaper Form if you wish.

Basileus and Achidna
Basileus’s attacks are difficult to predict and evade, so focus on doling out fast damage instead. Skills such as Unstoppable can aid you in this effort, while Aegis Guard can help you withstand Basileus’s aggressive onslaught.

After losing enough health, Basileus will call upon a monstrous ally: an overgrown spider known as Achidna. Although the creature is enormous, Achidna’s attacks aren’t as effective as Basileus’s. Jump to avoid damage when the monster slams the ground, and evade its lunging strikes as you look for openings through which you can pile on the damage.

Achidna will periodically drop in and slam the ground in a surprise ambush. Listen for her chittering and be prepared to jump and avoid this nasty attack.

When enough damage is dealt Death will manage to rip Basileus off of Achidna’s back, reverting the battle to its initial stage.  Face off against the Dead Lord again, doing your best to avoid his lightning-fast attacks as you unleash powerful skills at every chance. This is a good time to call upon Death’s Reaper Form if you haven’t already.

When Basileus is nearly done for he will call his 8-legged friend once again go on the offensive and finish it off. This will leave no choice other than to surrender for the boss.

You get Achidna’s fangs as weapons after this battle.

The Wailing Host
The Wailing Host commonly attacks by slamming the ground with its massive fist, and then swiping back and forth with its arm. The first swipe will hit Death if he’s too close to the monster, while the second will hit him if he’s too far away.

Press the Evade trigger to backflip away from the Host to avoid the first blow, then evade into close range to dodge the second before returning to attacking the boss.

Often the Wailing Host will pound the ground before it with both forearms. Again, tap the Evade trigger to backflip and evade this  attack, and then quickly close in and attack the arms to inflict damage before they rise.

The boss will periodically vanish and summon a horde of ghostly Skeletons. This gives a good opportunity to fill up Death’s Wrath meter, along with his health bar if you possess gear that heals the Reaper after each kill. Kill all of the Skeletons to make the Host reappear, and then repeat your previous strategies.

When the Host goes down, quickly close in and press the Action button to deliver a nasty attack that rips its mask off.

Jamaerah the Scribe
Death can attempt to close in and strike the Scribe, but this will only cause Jamaerah to counter by lashing out with a grotesque tentacle.

Just keep your distance and open one of the many portals around the ground floor. Then open the opposing portal directly across the room.

Whenever the boss glows with golden light quickly stand before one of the portals you’ve opened and evade to one side to avoid this deadly strike. If you time it right, Jamaerah’s energy blast will pass through the portals and strike him from behind.

Jamaerah spreads his arms just before unleashing his energy attacks. Evade the moment you see his arms spread open.

Repeat this process and the boss will be stunned by his own attacks hitting him from behind. When this happens immediately race up to him and unleash your fury on him.

After suffering enough damage the angel begin to fly and charge up then come crashing back down. Keep near the outside wall and jump to avoid the resulting shockwave.

The Scribe then summons a few of his friends to aid it. Quickly slay these threats, and then work at setting Jamaerah up to blast himself again via the portal trick.

When the boos’ health is nearly finished he rises to the air once again an a portal appears up directly beneath him . Use a charged Voidwalker blast to open any of the room’s upper portals, then open the one beneath the Scribe. Switch to the Deathgrip and drop through.
This will cause Death to blast out of the upper portal. Use your mid air combos to dish out some serious punishment on the angle and finish him off.

Archon unleashes a number of furious energy attacks that inflict heavy damage, and he can withstand vast amounts of damage. Make use of skills such as Unstoppable and Aegis Guard even out the battlefield for Death.

The Archon often takes flight during the fight, and often maintains an impenetrable shield while airborne. Simply evade to dodge his regular energy attacks at these times.

After casting several energy blasts from midair, the Archon raises his Rod, lowers his shield, and begins to build up power. This is you r chance to quickly deal out some damage use Deathgrip  to zip up close to the boss, and then attack.

When  Archon  comes crashing back down jump to avoid the shockwave and if possible perform a midair combo.

Attacking the Archon in midair will eventually stun him and cause him to fall. When this occurs, close in and strike hard until an Action button prompt appears. Then, press the Action button to chop off the Archon’s wings.

Now the boss is forced to battle on ground, avoid his wide energy blasts as you close in and pile on more damage. When the Archon begins to block, quicklypress the Evade trigger to backflip away from him before he unleashes a concussive blast that knocks Death backward.

When the boss is near death he will sprout a new set of wings and charge at you. Dodge his linear flying charges, and then Deathgrip the Archon and assault him. Back away just as he begins to block.

Repeat this process to defeat this boss.

This boss often teleports before striking. Remain focused on the villain, evade the moment he teleports near, and then unleash a damaging skill or combo before evading out of harm’s way again.

Don’t hesitate to down Wrath potions during this trying battle. Skills are your best friends when fighting Samael.

Each time Samael suffers significant damage, he flees to his throne and summons a number of energy orbs, and then casts them toward the Rider. Evade to one side and then the other to dodge these dangerous projectiles.

Wait to activate timed skills such as Unstoppable and Aegis Guard until after Samael returns from his throne. Activating them too early or too late is a waste of precious Wrath.

Samael’s most dangerous attack is a rare foot stomp that sends out a shockwave of lethal energy. Tap the Evade trigger to backflip away from the Blood Prince the moment you see him raise his left leg in preparation to stomp.

The third time Samael flees to his throne, a bridge appears, allowing Death to advance on him. Sprint over to the demon lord and pound away until he tosses the Reaper back to the main arena.

Phase II
Now, the boss unleashes far more powerful attacks. Maintain Aegis Guard at all times, and do your best to avoid Samael’s devastating blows.

Samael will continue to flee to his throne after suffering significant damage. Instead of lobbing energy orbs, however, the villain summons columns of flame beneath Death’s feet. Run to avoid being scorched, and evade the moment you see a circular pattern appear on the ground, which heralds the arrival of each flame column.

Unleash Reaper Form the moment Samael leaves his throne—it’s the perfect time to pile on the damage!

As he nears defeat, Samael will begin to spew out searing flames. This is one of his longest and least effective attacks, so if you have plenty of health potions, stand before him and capitalize by unleashing your most powerful combos.

Frostbane is the final boss in the Darksiders II DLC: Argul’s Tomb.

Warmaster is a demon commander who fought on Earth during one of Darksiders II’s DLC’s, The Demon Lord Belial.

Warmaster is a strong combatant, making use of his monstrous strength and battle axe to overwhelm his opponents. He will either attack his opponents with a charge or slam his axe on the ground to cause numerous tridents to erupt.

When he is damaged enough, Warmaster will become angered and turn into the Enranged Warmaster. In this state, Warmaster glows with a red demonic aura, he regains his health, and his attacks become more powerful.

Belial was a demon Lord that controlled a portion of Hell’s forces on Earth.

Final Boss – Avatar of Chaos
Avatar of Chaos wields a massive axe, and the wide arc of his blows makes evading a challenge. Instead, go on the offensive and assault the wicked Nephilim with your most vicious skills and combos.

Keep Unstoppable and Aegis Guard active throughout this battle to gain a decided advantage.

t’s not long before Avatar of Chaos drops down to one knee. Advance and pile on the damage until the Action button prompt appears over the Nephilim’s head, and then press the Action button to attempt a kill-shot that goes awry.

Phase II
Now, the monster has become covered in thick tendrils of Corruption and lashes out with furious spinning blows that are quite difficult to dodge. Do your best to evade these rhythmic strikes, but remain offensive and unleash Death’s best moves to bring Avatar of Chaos to one knee a second time. Again, press the Action button to attempt another fatal blow.

Phase III
Death has banished the boss’ vest of corruption.

During this final phase, Avatar of Chaos will periodically slam the ground and send out sinister pockets of Corruption that can ensnare the Reaper, leaving him temporarily helpless. Try to avoid these roaming traps, for Avatar of Chaos will inflict massive damage if he’s able to catch Death and capitalize on his advantage. Simply evade until he stops casting out the snares, and rapidly press the Action button to break free if you’re caught.

The start of Phase III is a perfect time to unleash Reaper Form if you haven’t already.

Strive to evade Avatar of Chaos’s attacks during this final phase, for his combos can be excruciating. Counter with violent skills and punishing attacks at every opportunity. Pressure the wretched Nephilim until the source of Corruption is at last rooted out.


The Noss
Ignore the Stingers that the Noss spawns and rush forward, unleashing Salvation’s charged shots from medium range to inflict maximum damage.

The Noss will periodically unleash terrible screams that push Death backward—this is because it doesn’t fare well against close-range Salvation blasts. Keep your distance to avoid being smashed by the Noss’s melee blows, but stay close enough to inflict punishment with each charged Salvation blast.

This way the boss will go down before too long.

Corrupted Custodian
Custodian’s blows are devastating—it takes only a few hits to spell Death’s end. Evade each blow, and then be quick to counter with combos of your own. Deathgrip the Custodian to quickly zip into striking range after each dodge.

After zipping up into striking distance quickly call upon your Reaper Form to pile on the damage, and then use Wrath-based skills to finish it. Above all, ensure that you avoid this powerful construct’s crushing blow.

Beware the Custodian’s powerful spinning whirlwind attack. The damage is immense, so evade out of harm’s way!

Ice Giant
The Icebound Giant serves as an introduction to brute-type opponents so Death should use the battle as an opportunity to learn its tactics in preparation for later encounters. The monster attacks with slow but powerful fists slams so it is recommended to circle around the boss where its attacks are less likely to connect.

Death should employ a hit and run strategy against the Giant and rely on his superior speed and evasion to bring it down.

A monstrous villain known as the Tormentor appears after the Prowlers and Champions have been slain. Strive to evade this hulking terror’s fast and damaging blows, and strike hard from behind while it slowly turns to face you.

Particularly the ability teleport Slash is effective helping you slip past the brute just before he strikes. Use all your abilities when attacking him to bring him down as soon as possible.

Gorewood is one of four bosses required to kill in Thane’s Quest to obtain Lich Spines.

To avoid the Back Hand, simply diagonal dash back once, twice to be safe.To avoid the Charge (he turns red) dash sideways. To avoid the Root, simply diagonal back dash, then jump forward towards him, it’ll auto de-ago the root

Jumping is the best way to avoid his rooting attack.

Bheithir was a creature that inhabited the subterranean caverns of the Nook, located in the Forge Lands. She lands on the right side of the platform, so facing her, there’s a ledge you can drop off.

All you need to do is stand in front of her and press dash (the backwards roll). If timed properly, your reaper form will pop up and take a chunk of life from her (7%~). That will be your primary source of damage besides squeezing in attacks between swipes. Eventually she’ll leap or spit fire, in which case you jump down on a ledge on either side of the bridge and repeat.

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