Darksiders 2 Argul’s Tomb: The Berth Guide

The Argul’s Tomb DLC for Darksiders 2 is finally here, and we’ve decided to compile a little guide to help you loot these burial sites for all they’re worth. This Darksiders 2 Argul’s Tomb: The Berth guide will focus on one of those sites.

Darksiders 2 Argul’s Tomb: The Berth

Argul’s Tomb is about the tale of an older Dead King than the Lord of Bones. His name was Argul, and he was betrayed by the current Dead King for the sake of his throne. This walkthrough covers The Berth.

After you’ve cleared the Frostbone Crypt, you’ll be teleported back to Ostegoth. Travel along the path leading north and you’ll see a new pathway open up on the eastern side before long as well as an objective popping up on your HUD telling you to explore the strange cave.

After entering this optional cave, grab the Gorehammer lying on the ground and proceed to go up the ramp. Eliminate the Ice Skeletons in your path using your Grenade Launcher and move to the corner on your right. Go along this passage and continue moving up the ramp. Upon reaching the top, eliminate the Ice Stalker and skeletons blocking your path.

Then, move forward, killing the Ice Skeleton Champions, stalkers, and prowlers that will appear in your way. Move around the next corner and empty out the room full of skeletons and prowlers. Move towards the far end, and then go up the ramp that is near it.

Upon reaching the top of the ramp, eliminate the enemies there and go inside. When you’re inside, turn left and move forward a little and you’ll see some prowlers and skeletons appear in the distance. Take all of them out using your Gorehammer, then look in the alcove in the north side of the room to find a pair of chests.

After looting them, move down the ramp; towards the south, and go along the passage until you get to a big room. You’ll have to fight a ton of enemies in this room.

Your Grenade Launcher will be very helpful in clearing this room. If you don’t have one, pickup one from the ground.

In this room, there are 5 Ice Giants and about 60 Ice Skeletons that you need to eliminate. What you need to do is run large laps around the room and effectively use your Grenade Launcher while running. Just keep running in large circles and this room shouldn’t be that hard to clear.

Once you clear this room, a cutscene will play; showing you a new chest appearing. Open the chest and return back to Osetgoth through the blue portal that spawns in front of you.

Since this is technically a quest, clearing this dungeon will net you some experience and money.

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