Darkness 2 Vendettas Guide

Digital Extremes have introduced a co-op mode to their latest sequel, Darkness 2. The Darkness 2 Vendettas mode consists of 4 hitmen, each have their own unique specialties.

You can play Vendettas alone or with your friends online but it does not support split-screen feature. The abilities of your players will keep on increasing as you progress.

The mode is deemed separate from the single-player campaign and it brings more adventure on the table for its players by introducing a number of missions that depend on requiring skirmishes.

Darkness 2 Vendettas


You wouldn’t want to play the game without other players since they aren’t replaced by bots. The mode will offer challenging fights and thus you will need to team up with other players to play this mode.

There are 2 categories in this mode, the initial one will be a campaign which will have eight chapters linked to it. The chapters will however, be complementary to the events that are brought about in the single-player campaign. The chapters will be accessible and playable according to a certain order, thus you will need to start the campaign from the very beginning.

The Hit List will be the second category of missions. These will be single missions in which you will not need to bother with objectives. The missions will require you to face bosses and opponents. In this category, you will be free to choose your chapters while some of them will be locked in the start.

The “standard” difficulty in the Vendettas campaign is optimized for two players so you may alter it per your needs.

How To Finish Darkness 2 on Don Difficulty
Don is Darkness 2’s hardest difficulty level. It requires a great deal of strategy and quick-thinking to finish the game on this difficulty level but if you follow these simple tips, you should be able to finish the game on Don Difficulty. I recommend that you buy all the talents of your favorite character and then restart to finish the game on this difficulty.

Following are the tips you should keep in mind when playing Don Difficulty:

  • Keep your health gauge full by eating enemy’s heart.
  • Save ammo – You can blast explosives at your enemies to save ammo. You should find several glowing objects – Javelins and Explosives throughout the game and use them to blast enemies instead of using your weapons.
  • Try to keep your defense up – You can use car doors as shield.
  • Avoid Dual-wield.
  • Destroy as many lights as you can before moving into fight.
  • Gun Channeling upgrades are great, so try to buy every upgrade as soon as possible.
  • Demonic Executions talent gives you a strong shield when you execute an enemy – buy this upgrade as soon as you can.

Only One Save Game Per Campaign
The Vendettas campaign runs parallel to that of the single-player. You can NOT differentiate between your single player and vendetta’s progress. If you are well-ahead in the campaign and your friends suggest a new start even though you don’t want to lose your status then simply ask your friend to host from scratch.

You Only Unlock Abilities Once
You may have to play the same chapters again, but don’t worry as the maps are built for repeat game-plays. Also, if you have played with a character before and ended the campaign, you will have all the specialties of that character unlocked already. In short, the attributes of a player are permanently saved, once unlocked.

Vendettas ‘Essence’ Points System
You will get points for almost everything you do in the game. These points are the key to the unlockables and specialties of the game and the characters.

If you kill an enemy with a random weapon then it will earn you 10 points, and killing somebody with the character’s special weapon will get you 20 points while an execution would get you 30 points.

To execute an enemy, first you will have to stagger it and then press the execution button to perform an execution. A single bullet is enough to stagger a low-level enemy but as you progress, enemies will become tougher and require more damage.

Darkness 2 Talent Trees
Each of the 4 characters have three talent trees (Group Buffs & Improvements of Darkness Weapons, Ammo Caps & Standard Weapons, and Characters Darkness Power). The upgrading talent trees will result in different benefits such as more ammunition cap, and increased duration of powers etc.

How To Level Up Talent Trees
Try to complete a mission with every character and find out with whom you play best. Start playing with your favorite character and go through Vendettas campaign with that character and then finish the Hit List missions with that character. Doing so, should be enough to upgrade his/her talent trees fully.

To level up fast, you can play solo on ‘Thug’ difficulty. Keep executing enemies (Stagger and Execute) to receive 30 essence points every time. Find all the Relics throughout Vendetta Campaign and you will bag 300 essence points each.

If you can’t make up your character and choose a character, I recommend you to choose Shoshanna – She is easier to play and you can bag 20 essence points every time by shooting a powerful blast with her shotgun. Furthermore, you can destroy enemy hearts afterwards by pressing LT to bag 30 essence points per kill. It’s more economical playing Shoshanna to unlock Embraced The Darkness achievement or trophy.

How To Max Out Jackie’s Talent Trees
Jackie has 28 talents which require 36,800 essence points to unlock. You can bag essence points from the kills you do, the hearts you eat, the relics you find and lights you destroy. You can purchase these talents from Talent Shrines found throughout the game.

You may need to do another play-through to complete Jackie’s talent tree but as I have already explained, everything you unlock is permanent, so when you restart, you would only have to bother about the talents you haven’t unlocked.

Darkness 2 Hit List
There are total 18 Hit List missions and when it comes to leveling up talent trees, they can really helpful in bagging essence points which you can use later to buy talents to unlock Darkness powers.

You will have to do four of them with your friends online and remaining six can be done solo. You will also unlock – You’ve Made My Hit List achievement or trophy by completing these missions.


  • Corpses Can’t talk
  • Destruction Delay
  • Everything Burns
  • The Heis


  • Enter The Gauntlet
  • All Clear
  • Time To Take Out The Thrash
  • We Interrupt this Program
  • Storming
  • Snatch And grab

How To Defeat Hell Beast
Get the talent that gives you invincibility upon destroying enemy hearts. Get a group of enemies in a corner and melee them to get their hearts to restore your health whenever you get overwhelmed by the attacks.

You should try to use all your ammunition on Hell beast. If you run out, get ammo from a stash behind him. Stay in the corner and heal from the pile of bodies around you and you should be fine.

Vendetta Characters

How To Play With Inugami in Darkness 2 Vendetta
Inugami has the shortest weapon-range, and because of that, most of his tree upgrades are related to fast movements and quick mobility. As the only advantage he has over others is his speed, try to grab the Demon’s Rush ability so the damage taken is not too much when he’s hit while running.

The Darkness power that will be available for Inugami is Swarm. Use the ability where you have to face several enemies, since it has a reasonably long regeneration time as well.

Improving the stats of Inugami’s weapon “Kusanagi” can be very useful as he draws his powers from it. It has variety of sword attacks, thrusts are stronger than the slashes. Obviously, thrusts take more time to be unleashed. Slashes are quick and useful to be used against STRONG but slow enemies.

How To Play With Jimmy Wilson
Jimmy uses an axe which acts like a boomerang. It is a very strong weapon which does a great damage to both – the powerful and the weak enemies. The axe has to be called back by pressing the left trigger button, but it’s difficult to hit the moving targets and need some practice to specialize.

If you hit an enemy and call your axe back, the target will be stunned for a while so you can continue your attack. Jimmy has an extra ability in which he can summon Darklings which will help him do the dirty work.

Though you should destroy any light sources before you summon the Darklings, and unlock the powers that are associated with the Darklings since they are quite powerful and useful.

You should try to grab the Dark Axe’ upgrades first. Devil Executions will lower the stagger threshold that leaves the enemy in a vulnerable situation for execution. Dark Axe’s Anger is also a good ability to include as it makes your character invincible for a limited time once you’ve had an execution kill.

How To Play With JP Dumond
The darkness’ abilities come to this witch doctor with the help of his Midnight Stick, but his secondary Darkness power is probably more useful than the 1st and you may want to upgrade it before the primary one.

The stick has a medium range and you can attack from range but not from far. The stick is used to launch the enemies into mid-air so you can use other weapons/attack to do the rest of the damage.

The stick of course, does not deal any damage by itself, since it’s supposed to launch the enemy in the air. This allows you to easily target your enemy for more attacks.

The secondary ability of Dumond is very useful in which he creates a black hole that can suck enemies into its spinning vortex causing a great deal of damage.

Another useful ability of Dumond is “Lifegiver” which allows him to heal players a lot quicker, which makes Dumond very useful in healing allies. Thus, you should choose Dumond if you look forward to supporting your mates.

How To Play With Shoshanna
She’s an ex-agent who worked for Israel. Shoshanna is equipped with a sawed-off shotgun known as “The Arm of the NIGHT”. The gun has an ammo clip of 4 but it can be upgraded to six.

The damage is great as you can charge the shot and fire all 4/6 rounds at once and upgrade it even further. During the power use – you will have unlimited ammo (dual-wielding too) and you can hit multiple enemies. In short, she’s a PRETTY good shooter.

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