Best Party/Comp To Defeat Brigand Vvulf In Darkest Dungeon

The horrors underneath the manor and surrounding areas are not the only threats that you must face in Darkest Dungeon. Vvulf, the leader of the brigands, will eventually try to invade Hamlet to burn and pillage the town.

Your mission will not only be to stop the group of brigands but also their leader Vvulf, which is going to be easier said than done.

Brigand Vvulf can prove to be a powerful mini-boss who does massive amounts of damage. If you go in blind and unprepared, he can potentially kill one of your characters in just a couple of turns.

The following guide will get you ready to defeat Brigand Vvulf in Darkest Dungeon and save Hamlet from destruction.

How to unlock the Brigand Vvulf event boss

There are certain requirements that must be filled before Brigand Vvulf attacks Hamlet. You will not randomly encounter him in any of the dungeons.

You must trigger the Brigand Incursion town event to unlock the Wolves at the Door mission. Expect that to happen as soon as you have leveled up four heroes to level 4 in the game.

Wolves at the Door has a 12 percent chance of taking place every week, which gets increased by 3 percent every week in Darkest Dungeon.

Do note that the town event will not be triggered for four weeks if you fail or skip the mission. That will give you enough time to prepare for war when Vvulf returns.

If you do manage to defeat Vvulf and his brigands to complete the mission, Wolves at the Door will not return for your remaining playthrough. You, hence, can only defeat Vvulf once for his rewards.

Something important to note is that Wolves at the Door is a mandatory mission. If you ignore the mission, Hamlet will suffer at the hands of Vvulf and you will lose three random building upgrades.

If you skip or fail the mission, you will lose a random hero who will stay behind to keep Vvulf busy as the rest of your heroes escape. You will, however, not lose any building upgrades in this case.

Darkest Dungeon Wolves at the Door Quest

Brigand Vvulf abilities and strategy

The fight starts with Brigand Vvulf and his Barrel O’ Bombs. He will place a bomb on one of your heroes at the start of every round. The bomb will detonate at the end of the round to do heavy damage but only to the inflicted hero.

You can destroy his Barrel O’ Bombs to remove the active bomb on your hero. However, Barrel O’ Bombs has a Riposte effect and with the high Dodge stats, you will miss your attacks and suffer a counterattack.

Vvulf will respawn another Barrel O’ Bombs at the start of the next round if you manage to destroy it. Hence, wasting time and health on Barrel O’ Bombs is a bad strategy.

Brigand Vvulf will also summon Brigand Cutthroat and Raider enemies as reinforcements in every round. He can furthermore guard his brigands, stun and cause stress damage to your heroes.

The best strategy here is to simply ignore his Barrel O’ Bombs and reinforcements and just focus on him alone. Use Man-at-Arms to guard the hero with the bomb and have the rest of your heroes do as much damage to Vvulf as possible.

The ticking bleed damage from your heroes will further add to the damage you do in each round. Stack those bleed status effects as much as you can.

Brigand Vvulf only appears as a difficult boss fight. He is actually not that hard when compared to some of the other bosses in Darkest Dungeon.

Best provisions for Wolves at the Door

There are no curios in the Wolves at the Door mission, but you will still need to bring some provisions to help you in battles or navigation.

12x Food: If you have a good healer, you will not need any Food but it never hurts bringing a single stack along.

4x Shovel: There are numerous obstacles in Hamlet to clear. You will need to bring all of the Shovels available.

6x Bandages: The brigands do a lot of bleed damage, so make sure to bring all the Bandages available.

4x Holy Water: You already have Bandages but you can also use Holy Water to increase your resistance to bleed damage. This is purely optional.

1x Skeleton Key: There is a secret room with an heirloom chest in the upper-left corridor. If your party has a low scouting chance, keep spamming your action button as you start heading up the corridor to circle right.

8x Torch: Since Hamlet is burning, your Torch will burn slower. A single stack of Torches will be more than enough.

Best party/comp for Brigand Vvulf

There are two things to note while picking heroes for the Wolves at the Door mission in Darkest Dungeon.

Firstly, Vvulf and his brigands are all human enemies, so heroes that do bleed damage or bonus damage to humans are going to be the most effective. You will not face any other enemy type in the mission.

Secondly, like the Prophet boss in the Ruins, you need a hero to absorb (mitigate) the massive damage Vvulf does.

Vestal – Bounty Hunter – Man-at-Arms – Hellion

Vestal is the best healer in the game, so a no-brainer here.

Bounty Hunter has Collect Bounty that does bonus damage against human enemies, which can further be amplified by applying marks with Mark for Death. This makes Bounty Hunter probably the best hero to put against Vvulf.

Hellion has a lot of bleeding skills. She will have an opportunity to use Bleed Out, one of the most powerful skills in Darkest Dungeon, against Vvulf at the start of the fight before he shifts back to rank three once his reinforcements arrive.

From there, Hellion can use Iron Swan, another skill with high damage, or If It Bleeds to inflict further bleed damage. She also has Adrenaline Rush to cure herself of bleed.

Man-at-Arms has the most important job here. Every time Vvulf places a bomb on one of your heroes, Man-at-Arms needs to use Defender on them to soak up the damage. If he does not, the damage from the bombs could potentially kill your squishy heroes like Vestal and Bounty Hunter in a couple of rounds.


Bring your best accuracy and human damage trinkets, but make sure to give Man-at-Arms Barristan’s Head and Tough Ring. You can also choose from Protection Stone and Heavy Boots.

The trinkets will help boost Man-at-Arms’ protection stats so that Vvulf’s bombs do as little damage as possible.

Houndmaster – Vestal – Man-at-Arms – Hellion

The Houndmaster only does bonus damage against beast-type enemies but the bleed from his attacks is pretty overwhelming in the Wolves at the Door mission.

Make sure to eat your Dog Treats before attacking Vvulf with Hound’s Rush for a ton of damage in the first round. Also, do not use Guard Dog to protect your heroes because Vvulf’s bombs cannot be dodged.

Lastly, placing Vestal at rank three will allow her to use Illumination to reveal stealth enemies. There are a lot of them in the Wolves at the Door mission.

Brigand Vvulf rewards and loot

Defeating Brigand Vvulf to complete the Wolves at the Door mission will reward you with the Vvulf’s Tassle trophy, which you can use as a trinket to increase your damage and accuracy against marked targets. It is a vital trinket for marking builds in Darkest Dungeon.

The following are the stats of Vvulf’s Tassle:

  • +20 percent damage against marked enemies
  • +10 accuracy against marked enemies
  • +5 percent critical chance against size two enemies (enemies who take two ranks of space)

Defeating Vvulf will also unlock the In Sheep’s Clothing achievement/trophy in the game.

Wolves at the Door map layout

Wolves at the Door has a static map with seven rooms. That includes one secret room, three treasure rooms with ancestral trinkets, and one boss room. Hence, do not return to Hamlet after defeating Brigand Vvulf. Explore the other rooms to get all of the treasures.

  • The red tile below is where you will face Brigand Vvulf, so make sure to heal and buff your heroes with provisions before entering.
  • The yellow title below is the secret room.
  • The green titles below are the treasure rooms with three ancestral trinkets.

Darkest Dungeon Wolves at the Door Map Layout

How to skip the Wolves at the Door event

There is a way to skip the Wolves at the Door mission without losing either your building upgrades or heroes. When the Brigand Incursion town event gets triggered, all you have to do is send in a single hero as a sacrifice.

Select a level 1 hero from the Stage Coach or your roster and begin the Wolves at the Door mission. For whatever reason, Darkest Dungeon has no level restrictions in this case.

Your level 1 hero is likely going to die against the first group of enemies. Vvulf and his brigands will leave after your hero dies. You will have failed your quest but without suffering any consequences.

You will have four weeks to prepare for Brigand Vvulf to return. You can keep skipping the town event by sacrificing a single hero until you feel you are ready to face Vvulf and his brigands.

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