Dark Souls Streamer Pulls Off The World’s First No Hit And Run For All Three Sequels

Dark Souls is a unique action role-playing game that most streamers enjoy. Now while the streamers seem to be enjoying this game, very recently a Dark Souls Streamer has pulled off the worlds first no hit and run for all three sequels.

Based on Kotaku’s information, this move has left the series director Hidetaka Miyazaki in some kind of a disbelief. This Dark Souls Streamer goes by the name “The_Happy_Hob”. He pulled off the worlds first no hit and run of Dark Souls only, back in 2016. Only this time he has landed with a bigger blow by not only pulling this for just one sequel but all three.

You probably guessed it right, this player has had a lot of hard work, some crushingly painful setbacks and it took a lot of time to pull this off, 12 months to be exact. After all that, he was able to complete Dark Souls 1,2 and 3 all of them back to back without getting hit. Which is really impressing, considering there were some major emotionally crushing setbacks as well along the way.

Initially, he was able to clear Dark Souls 1 and 2 without so much as a spear tip tickling his ribs. Although, things went haywire when he reached the third sequel of the game only to get hit at during the final fight, and the game was over for him. Still, he recouped and played all three of them again, only this time he triumphed.

When “The_Happy_Hob” failed the first time, as you can imagine he was devastated. Who wouldn’t be? Overall it was a very interesting achievement and how he was able to manage all that pressure that had been building up with every sequel is a victory itself. If you wish to know more details on how he was able to achieve this, a Redditor “Wise__Words” has put together a handy FAQ for you to read.

In the end, the victorious streamer shouted out with the shaking breath “Gaming history” which indeed it is. The Dark Souls title is something which every gamer is accustomed to. Recently at Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Dark Souls: Remastered is scheduled to roll out on May 25, 2018, on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.