Dark Souls Rings Guide

This guide focuses on all the rings you can find in Dark Souls to help you on your journey by providing various benefits in and out of combat

In a game like Dark Souls, one needs everything that is useful to deal with the merciless AI. Thankfully there are some items in the form of rings that will give more attributes to your character in Dark Souls to help you survive among the demons of the dark.

Dark Souls Rings

You will have to put in some effort though to find these rings throughout your quest. This guide will make finding them easy for you. For more help on Dark Souls, read our Walkthrough – to complete this difficult RPG, Weapons and Reinforcements – to get the best weapons with best upgrades.

Armor Locations – if you want to survive longer, Magic – to get all the pyromancies, sorceries, and miracles, Boss Strategy guide – to learn the art of fighting these formidable foes and defeat them, and finally Class guide – to learn about the complex class system in Dark Souls.

Ring of the Evil Eye
This ring is associated with Astora Faction and it absorbs HP from the dead enemies. It can also scare off small rats.
Location – You can find it in the cursed frogs section in the sewers.

Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn
It can boost miracles ability.
Location – You can find it in Anor Londo at the bottom of the rotating bridge near the campfire.

White Seance Ring
If you have this ring, you will have more miracle attunement slots.
Location –You can find it in Dukes’ archives. When you are in prison, climb up the ladder to the exit. If you head left before leaving, you will find a white glowing soul. Looting it will provide you this ring.

Darkmoon Seance Ring
It will grant you more magic attunement slots.
Location – After Titanite Demon, you will find it deep inside the catacombs.

Dusk Crown Ring
At the cost of HP, 50% more sorcery hits are allowed.
Location – You will get it from Hydra in Darkroot Basin.

Dark Wood Grain Ring
You can dodge or roll to cover more distance which is really important to avoid damage in Dark Souls.
Location – You can collect it from the ninja bodyguard in the Darkroot garden after he is dead.

East Wood Grain Ring
It reduces the weapon durability losing rate to half.
Location – You can purchase it from Shiva of the East for 10,000 souls.

Wolf Ring
You will have a 40 percent increment in your poise.
Location – It can be found in the Darkroot garden. Form the bonfire in the darkroot which is hidden behind the pseudo wall left to the locked door, move through the area (where you are ambushed too) to the clearing with the giants. Turn right from here and after you cut down the two living trees, you will find a path to the right side (after the second living tree) which will lead you to the ring.

Leo Ring
This ring empowers the counters using the pierce weapons.
Location – You can have this ring once you kill the dragon slayer.

Lingering Dragoncrest Ring
The length if spell effects is increased.
Location – You can buy it from Griggs of Vinheim for 20,000 souls.

Old Witch’s Ring
You will be able to talk with Queelag’s sister through this.
Location –You can have this ring as a starting gift.

Orange Charred Ring
Reduces lava damage.
Location – You can get it when Centipede dragon drops it.

Poisonbite Ring
Increase the poison bite resistance by +125.
Location – Oswald of Carim is selling it for 15,000 souls.

Blue Tearstone Ring
By sensing the imminent death, this ring enhances the defense in the time of trouble.
Location – You should search for this ring in Undead Burg.

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring
This ring increases the sorcery damage (by 30%). Pyromancies can also be benefited from it.
Location – It can be found in the first section in the Undead Burg guarded by the Black Knight.

Bloodbite Ring
It can increase the bleeding resistance by a massive 400%.
Location – You can purchase it from Oswald of Carim for 10,000 souls.

Cat Covenant Ring
Alvina’s summoning can be answered through it.
Location – If you join the Forest Hunters Covenant, it will be given to you by Alvina.

Cloranthy Ring
Stamina regeneration is increased by this ring.
Location – It’s in a secret area near the middle section of The Great Hollow area. Jump into the middle of the tree to get the ring.

By sensing the imminent death
This ring enhances the maximum equipment load.
Location – You can have this ring after defeating Havel. You will need a master-key before that which can be found in the tower before the Taurus Demon fight.

Red Tearstone Ring
Like the blue ring, Red Tearstone increases the attacking ability in the time of danger.
Location – In the valley of drakes, you will find the ring above the big gate.

Rusted Iron Ring
It helps in stabilizing your feet in the low grip sections like the swamps.
Location – In the Undead Asylum there is a locked door in the F2 West door. You can find it behind that locked door in the fire shrine.

Flame Stoneplate Ring
This ring increases the ability to withstand fire damage (flames).
Location – It can be found just outside Anor Londo. Just outside the first bonfire, around the cliff near gargoyle.

Speckled Stone Ring
The ring can increase Magic/Fire/Lightning Defense.
Location – It will be dropped by Siegmeier of Catarina.

Havel’s Ring
Your maximum equipment load is increased by 50%.
Location – If you defeat Havel just before facing the Taurus Demon (you will need the master key from the tower), you can have this ring. Otherwise, it can also be found in the closed door in the basement before facing Hydra. You will need the key to open the door.

Hawk Ring
Bows range is increased by 50%.
Location – Can be found in Anor Londo near the big blacksmith.

Hornet Ring
Critical strike damage is increased by 50%.
Location – The ring is behind the tombstone on which the Great Sif Wolf makes the appearance.

Ring of Fog
This ring will make you invisible to the enemies. You will be unseen but you can receive hits.
Location – You can have it as a Forest Hunter Covenant reward or you can trade it with Snuggly the Crow in Northern Undead Asylum.

Ring of Favor and Protection
It increases HP, stamina and equip load by 20%.
Location – You can find it under the bridge at the start or you can have it after killing Lautrec.

Ring of Steel Protection
Increases the ability to resist physical attacks.
Location – Found in Sens Fortress in Dark Souls. At the top of the first rolling boulder section, a lightening man is standing near the entrance. Look for the ring behind his back.

Tiny Being’s Ring
It increases the HP slightly.
Location – You can either have it as a starting gift or you can have it by defeating Silver Knights in Anor Londo.

Thunder Stoneplate Ring
Lightning defense is increased by 50%.
Location – You can buy it from Crestfallen Merchant in Sen’s Fortress for 15,000 souls.

Ring of Sacrifice
If you die, you will lose nothing except for this ring which breaks on your death.
Location – You can find it while on your way to Undead Burg from Fire Link Shrine. You will have to rush under the waterway to catch sight of it.

Cursebite Ring
Your curse resistance will be increased by 400%.
Location – In New Londo Ruins, you can find this ring on a ledge at the back of the house Ingward is present.

Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring
Gwyndolin’s summoning can be answered.
Location – You will get this ring in Dark Souls when you join the Darkmoon Blade Covenant.

Rare Ring of Sacrifice
You will lose nothing after death. There will be no curse but the ring will break.
Location – In the New Londo Ruins, you can find it on the roof of a building.

Covenant of Artorias
It can avert the abyss.
Location – You will have this ring after killing The Great Grey Wolf Sif.

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring
Enhances the discovery of items.
Location – You can find this ring in the curse frogs section in the sewers.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
You will absorb almost 20% more souls on every kill.
Location – You can have it in the tomb of the giants.

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