Dark Souls Mini-Patch Removes Region Locking

Earlier in the day, Dark Souls received a small 5.5 MB update on Steam which has since then been confirmed to have removed multiplayer region locking from the game.

The issue of being locked into a single region was widely reported by players ever since the game switched to Steamworks last year, ditching the previous Games for Windows Live in the process.

While the update didn’t carry any official patch notes with itself, players on the game’s sub-Reddit have confirmed its intentions.

The update however has disabled the FPS unlocking aspect of DSFix 2.3 and so you’ll need to download the newly released DSFix 2.4 in order to increase the game’s FPS cap to 60.

Additionally, the creator of the mod has also mentioned a solution which should prevent future updates from breaking DSFix. This also means that version 2.4 could possibly be the last release.

“The only reason this would fail is if the binary code right around the places which need to be patched were to change, which seems unlikely for the smaller patches which can be expected at this point.”

Finally the Dark Souls update has also broken the PvP Watchdog tool. Players will need to download the updated version or else risk their game crashing at random intervals.

Source: Reddit

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