Dark Souls Merchants Locations Guide – Where to Find All the Merchants

Merchants are very useful people, in various locations, when it comes to vending and they are the people you really need at the moment when you are out of stock in Dark Souls. They sell items ranging from weapons to consumables at price – Souls.

This guide will walk you through the locations of the merchants so know where you can find them when you are in need of any consumable item such as weapons, armors, keys, ammo, etc.

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Dark Souls Merchants Locations

Given below are the useful merchants in Dark Souls along with information on how to reach them:

Undead Male Merchant

The merchant is situated next to the bonfire in Undead Burg. He is protected by two spear soldiers known as Hollow Knights, on the roof-top. You can meet the merchant by clearing a few boxes that go down the stairs.

He’ll keep questioning you when you attack him and telling you that you have gone mad. He possesses some useful keys along with items for sale and upon defeating him you’ll receive some important keys.


Residence Key, humanity, orange guidance soapstone, Uchigatana.

           Items             Keys           Ammo         Weapons        Armor  
Repair Powder 500, Throwing Knife 10, Firebomb 50, Lloyd’s Talisman 500, Orange Guidance Soapstone 100   Repair box 3000, Residence Key 1000 Standard Arrow 10, Large Arrow 50, Wooden Arrow 3, Standard Bolt 30, Heavy Bolt 100, Wood Bolt 10 Dagger 300, Shortsword 600,  Scimitar 600, Rapier 600,  Hand Axe 450, Club 150, Reinforced Club 350, Spear 600, Short Bow 1000, East-West Shield 400, Small Leather Shield 600, Buckler 800, Leather Shield 800, Heater Shield 1000, Warrior’s Round Shield 800 Chain Helm 500, Chain Armor 800, Leather Gauntlets 500, Chain Leggings 500

Undead Female Merchant

The Merchant is situated at the end of the Aqueduct tunnel in the lower parts of Undead Burg. The tunnel is a link between undead burg, Firelink shrine and the depths and the Merchant is closest to the depths.

If you try to kill her, she’ll move even further down the tunnel and continuously rant about you. However, she can be killed by using a weapon strong enough to lower all of her HP.


Upon defeating her you are provided 60 Souls

                    Items           Ammo  
Bloodred Moss Clump 300, Purple Moss 500, Blooming Purple Moss Clump 1000, Poison Throwing Knife 100, Dung Pie 200, Alluring Skull 500, Charcoal Pine Resin 500, Transient Curse 4000, Rotten 1000, Homeward Bone 800, Prism Stone 10, Humanity 5000, Purging Stone 6000   Fire Arrow and Poison Arrow 100

Crestfallen Merchant

The Merchant is situated around the top of Sen’s Fortress, near the boss area. He is a tall warrior dressed in heavy armor.

Outside the fortress there are staircases which will eventually take you towards a walkway, you’ll notice some branches around the walkway, there is a broken path on your left before you reach the elevator cages. Jump across to the opposite side to meet the Merchant.


Upon defeating him you are provided with 1000 souls.

Green Titanite Shards, Catarina Armor etc.  

Petrus of Thorolund

The merchant is situated at the Firelink Shrine. He’ll open a shop after you’ve interacted with him twice. If you kill this merchant, that kill will be counted as a sin and her guardians will attack you on sight if you kill Petrus before Reah of Thorolund has reached Firelink Shire.

You will receive a copper coin as a token of goodwill and can receive 3 humanities via Dark Hand.

Great Heal Excerpt 10000, Homeward 8000, Force 4000, Seek Guidance 2000, Heal 4000 Talisman 1000, Thorolund Talisman 5000, Gesture: Shrug Free  

Oswald the Pardoner

The merchant is situated at the lower floor of Undead Parish church Bell Tower. You’ll find him after ringing the Bell of Awakening.

You can buy an Absolution from the merchant. Meaning if you unintentionally attack an NPC then you can request the merchant to provide you with Absolution (which costs 500x current level total souls) and the NPC will not be your adversary anymore.

Book of Guilty 3000, Pardon your sins (Your soul level x2000 souls).  

Dusk of Oolacile

The merchant is situated at the Dark root Basin, where she is trapped by a Golden Golem (similar to the blue ones but are stronger) on the left part of Hydra, rescue her by defeating the golem in a not so difficult fight. After killing the Golem, Dust must be visible in its place and you’ll receive her services.

When she offers her services, say “YES” and she will place a sign and wait to be summoned. However, if the sign is not present you should reload the game.

You can use the sign to call her which is right in front of the hydra, in front of a little rock. Afterward, she’ll tell players her backstory and she will be thankful for rescuing her.

Note: Keep an eye on the adversaries on the beach, they can kill her if you’re not careful.

Chameleon Spell, Weapon invisibility spell, general invisibility spell, Repair Sorcery Spell, Oolacile Ivory Catalyst, Tin Banishment Catalyst etc.  

Shiva of the East

The merchant is a part of the forest hunter’s covenant. In order to buy items from him, you’ll have to be a part of that covenant also. After joining the covenant, go to the blight town where you’ll see him in the swamp (beneath the huge wheel).


Upon defeating him you are provided with: Murakumo, Iron Round Shield, 2 Humanity.

Demon Great Machete, Shotel, Uchigatana, Washing Pole, Demon’s Greataxe, Claws, Demon’s Spear, East Wood Grain Ring.  

Domhnall of Zena

The merchant has a golden armor and he is situated in the depths, at the access of Blight Town. He can also be found under aqueduct near the Firelink Shrine, it’s the place where you jump to get the ring of sacrifice.

He possesses a decent collection of items along with his own armor items and also sells armor of Ornstein and Smough. You’ll have to kill Ornstein, in order to receive Smough’s armor and you’ll have to kill Smough, in order to receive Ornstein’s armor.

Drops: 1000 Souls

           Items             Keys         Weapons        Armor  
Gold Pine Resin Bottomless Box,  Master Key. Crystal Straight Sword, Crystal Greatsword, Crystal Shield. Helm of the Wise Armor of the Glorious Gauntlets of the Vanquisher Boots of the Explorer Golem Helm Golem Armor Golem Gauntlets Golem Leggings Ornstein’s Helm Ornstein’s Armor Ornstein’s Gauntlets Ornstein’s Leggings Smough’s Helm Smough’s Armor Smough’s Gauntlets Smough’s Leggings Crown of the Dark Sun Moonlight Robe Moonlight Gloves Moonlight Waistcloth Crown of the Great Lord Robe of the Great Lord Bracelet of the Great Lord Anklet of the Great Lord Helm of Artorias Armor of Artorias Gauntlets of Artorias Leggings of Artorias



The merchant is found going up the track (the track shown after the door opened post-fight with Asylum Demon) approaching a huge Cow and then going right about mid-way, its nest consisting of blue eggs on a little shelf.

After seeing the nest, just lie in the position of a ball and wait for a cut-scene. To view the results simply drop the item and save the game prior to dropping the item so you can load it back if you don’t want the traded item, just be careful not to drop too many items once as the outcome may be in a loss.

Item Given Gained Item
Pendant Souvenir of Reprisal
Rubbish Titanite Chunk
Sunlight Medal White Titanite Chunk
Bloodred Moss Clump Twinkling Titanite
Purple Moss Clump Twinkling Titanite
Blooming Purple Moss Clump Twinkling Titanite x2
Cracked Red Eye Orb Purging Stone x2
Humanity Ring of Sacrifice
Twin Humanities Rare Ring of Sacrifice
Prism Stone Demon Titanite
Dung Pie Demon Titanite
Pyromancy Flame (Basic) Red Titanite Chunk
Pyromancy Flame (Upgraded to +15 then ascend once)[Snuggly ONLY accepts +0 Flames] Red Titanite Slab
Egg Vermifuge Dragon Scale
Sunlight Maggot Old Witch’s Ring
Sack Demon’s Great Hammer
Skull Lantern Ring of Fog
Ring of the Sun Princess Divine Blessing x2
Xanthous Crown Ring of Favor and Protection
Soul of Manus (AotA only) Pursuers (Sorcery spell)

Hawkeye Gough


The merchant is a former head of Greatarchers and Dragonslayers and was one of the four knights of Gwyn. Currently, he is blind and locked up. He is found at the stairs on the other side of the Battle of Stoicism Gazebo.

In order to enter the door leading to his area, a Crest Key is required which can be found in a Mimic; which can be entered by rolling from the path overseeing the chamber with five Bloatheads.

Several Bloatheads and Bloathead Sorceress can be seen prior to the elevator shortcut and you’ll find the mimic next to the Bloathead in a room.


Gough’s Greatbow

Gough’s Armor set

20,000 souls

           Items               Ore         Ammo  
Dung Pie, Homeward Bone, Prism Stone, Hello Carving, Thank you Carving.   Titanite Shard, Large Titanite Shard, Green Titanite Shard. Gough’s Great Arrow



The merchant is the main wellspring of Elizabeths Mushrooms and can be found in the Oolacile Sanctuary. Her appearance is a big mushroom having a white colored stalk along with a red cap however, she is motionless and doesn’t have arms.


3,000 Souls

Elizabeth’s Mushroom

           Items            Weapons  Sorceries
Repair Powder, Gold Pine Resin.   Oolacile Ivory Catalyst Hidden Weapon, Hidden Body, Cast Light, Repair, Chameleon.


Marvelous Chester


The merchant is the most useful seller, he sells some useful items however, his items are mostly overpriced. He is found close to the elevator shortcut in the lower area of the Royal Wood near the Artorias of The Abyss fog door where the battle with Knight Artorias took place.


9,505 souls

19010 souls on NG+

Chester’s Set

                     Items                      Ammo  
Green Blossom, Bloodred Moss Clump, Purple Moss Clump, Blooming Purple Moss Clump, Throwing Knife, Firebomb, Alluring Skull, Lloyd’s Talisman, Black Firebomb, Homeward Bone, Humanity. Standard Arrow, Large Arrow, Feather Arrow, Standard Bolt, Heavy Bolt, Sniper Bolt.

Kingseeker Frampt


He is an ancient serpent whose main aim is to find a replacement for Gwyn. He is only visible after ringing the Bell of Awakening. He is found at Firepink Shrine near the pool in the area where the dilapidated statue once was.

Quelana of Izalith


The merchant is found sitting in Blight Town on an island where the access of Chaos Witch Quelaag’s lair is. After increasing the Pyromancy by 10, she can be met. Although she can also be spawned by summoning some a +10 flame.


Fire Tempest

                  Weapon                Armor               Ring               Spell
Pyromancy Flame +5 Gold-Hemmed Black Hood, Gold-Hemmed Black Cloak, Gold-Hemmed Black Gloves, Gold-Hemmed Black Skirt Rusted Iron Ring Great Combustion, Great Fireball, Fire Tempest

Darkstalker Kaathe


He is an ancient serpent whose main aim is to cause the Age of Dark. After beating the Four Kings, the merchant comes into sight in the Abyss. In the event that the player has not officially set the Lord vessel through Kingseeker Frampt.

Cracked Red Eye Orb



Eingyi is massively loaded with infected eggs and can be found in Quelaag’s Domain at the back of the illusory wall of a corridor.  he is a loyal pyromancer and performs duties for Quelaag’s sister.

Egg Vermifuge ×2

Big Hat Logan


Big Hat Logan can be found in the following places:

  • The merchant is confined in Sen’s Fortress at the back of a decaying wall which can be broken by weapons and even Serpent soldiers.
  • Alongside Griggs in Firelink
  • Prison in the Duke’s Archives.
  • Library in the Duke’s Archives,
  • The place where the initial meeting was held between Scaleless and Seath.
                  Weapon                Armor                 Spell
Logan’s Catalyst, Scimitar +10, Small Leather Shield +10, Scimitar +14, Small Leather Shield +14, Tin Crystallization Catalyst. Big Hat +5, Sage Robe +5, Traveling Gloves +8, Traveling Boots +8, Traveling Gloves +10, Traveling Boots +10, Great Soul Arrow, Great Heavy Soul Arrow, Soul Spear, Homing Crystal Soulmass, Crystal Soul Spear, White Dragon Breath.


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