Dark Souls Items Guide

Dark Souls being an action RPG game has plenty of items which players can use for different purposes. These items can be critical in your quest to slay the demons rendering you with some additional skills/abilities. Now to make full use of these items, you should know about the function each of these items perform. Following guide is about the introduction of each of these items.

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Dark Souls – Consumables

Most of them are like potions with different functions.

Estus Flask
It is used to gather Est at bonfires to restore the HP. Every player can carry a limited number of bottles.

Fire Keeper Soul
This item actually upgrades the Estus Flask so players can gather more HP.

Divine Blessing/Goddess’s Blessing
You can have it as a gift while creating your character. Serves the healing purpose.


Seven Colored Stone
It can estimate the depth of any fall. If the stone’s sound is loud, the jump will be fatal.

Repair Powder
It will help your repair the equipment without the need of bonfire and the repair box.

It increases your humanity stats by 1. You can have it from the undead female merchant at the cost of 5000 souls.

Twin Humanities
You can have it as a gift while creating your character. It increase the humanity stats by 2.

Soul of a Lost Undead
On consuming this item, you will get 200 souls.

Large Soul of a Lost Undead

Renders you with more souls than the previous item.

Soul of a Proud Knight
When you consume it, you have 2000 souls in your bag.

Large Souls of a Proud Knight
On consumption, you get 3000 souls.

Soul of a Brave Warrior
It’s a token of 5000 souls.

Large Soul of a Brave Warrior
You will have massive 8000 souls when you consume it.

Soul of a Hero
You can earn 10000 souls on consumption.

Soul of a Great Hero

You get 20000 souls for this one great soul.

Homeward Bone
Without loosing any humanity or souls, it transports players to the most previous Beacon.

Transient Curse
You can interact with ghost for a particular time (short duration).

Crimson Moss Ball
Reduces the accumulation of bleed.

Purple Moss Clump
It can nullify the poisoned status along with reduction of poison accumulation.

Blooming Purple Moss Clump
Reduces/nullifies the toxic effects. Toxicity is more dangerous than just being poisoned.

Charcoal Resin
Your right hand weapon will be on fire.

The weapon you wield in your right hand has the lightening effect.

Rotting Turpentine
Poisons the weapon you wield in your right hand.

Dung Pie
It will make enemies poisoned along with you.

Egg Vermifuge
Has the capability of removing any parasitic egg inside the body.

Gold Pine Resin
Right hand wielded weapons receives lightening.

Dark Souls – Tools

These tools provide options like repairing stuff and stocking more items etc.

Skull Lantern
Is a source of light in the darkness. It can also serve as fire damage strike weapon.

It can be used to repair items. You can buy this tool from undead merchant. It can only be used at bonfire.

Weapon Smithbox
Using this tool, you can reinforce weapons at the bonfire. It is available for sale from Andre of Astora.

Armor Smithbox
Using this tool, you can reinforce armor at the bonfire. It is available for sale from Andre of Astora.

Bottomless Box
It renders you the ability to store more items. Can be accessed at bonfire only.

Divine Ember
You need this tool during weapon ascension.

Dark Souls – Throw-able Items

You can throw these items to cause some damage or attract the enemies.

You can buy this item from merchant in Immortality Castle town. Like a grenade, it does fire damage.

Black Firebomb
This item can be taken as a gift during character creation. Deals more damage than then simple fire bomb.

Alluring Skull
It can be used to attract some enemies. You can buy it from female merchant.

Lloyd’s Charm
It inhibits the use of Estus within range of effect.

Dark Souls – Ores

These items serve the upgrade purposes.

It is used for the upgrades including normal, raw, thunder, and ice. Its variants include Shard, Large Shard, Chunk and Pure.

Green Titanite
It can be used to upgrade magic, fire and divine. Large Shard is another variant.

Blue Titanite
It can be used for magic and enchant upgrades. Chunk
and Pure are the other variants.

White Titanite
Divine and Occult upgrades can be done by this ore. Its variants include Chunk and Pure.

Red Titanite
It can be used for Chaos and Fire upgrades.

Demon Titanite
Weapons upgrades are possible via souls. You can have them from Titanite Demons (as the name suggests).

Twinkling Titanite
Can be used to upgrade items which otherwise won’t be possible.

Dragon Scale
You can use this ore to upgrade dragon weapons.

Large Ember
Andrie has it to modify weapons.

Divine Ember
You can find it on the top of the tower with that butterfly boss. Can upgrade divine weapons.

Dark Souls – Multiplayer Items

You can use these items in the multiplayer mode of dark souls.

Orange Guidance Soapstone
It can be used for the text messages to appear on the worlds of other players. You can have it from undead merchant.

White Sign Soapstone
You can leave summon sign and be summoned to another world through the sign. You can then defeat the boss and acquire humanity. In Lordan, this sign can be used by the undead to help each other. You can receive it as a gift from Solaire of Astora.

Orange Guidance Soapstone
It is used to type messages that will appear in the world of other online players. You can have it from Undead merchant.

Red Soapstone/Cracked Red Eye Orb
You can use this item to evade the worlds of other players as an evil spirit.

Cracked Red Eye Orb
This consumable will allow you to invade worlds of other players. Defeat the master of the invaded section to get humanity.

Black Orb Eye
You can invade the world of murderer of firekeeper.

Book of the Guilty
It is a kind of checklist of the indicted/accused players deserving the wrath of the Dark Moon.

Black Separation Crystal
This black crystal is a token of farewell. It is granted to banished Undead and returns phantoms/players back to their homes.

Eye of Death
You can lure Phantoms to other players worlds. You can only use it in human form.

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