Dark Souls Humanity Guide – How to Earn More Humanity

Humanity is one of the core game mechanics in Dark Souls, behind which many gameplay features are either locked or benefit directly from having and consuming humanity. Our Dark Souls Humanity guide will teach you all the benefits of having humanity and how to get more humanity.

Dark Souls Humanity

Humanity is one of the most important assets in Dark Souls. By default, your appearance is hollow in the game due to the absence of humanity.  Humanity gives you a more human look. To become a human, you must beat a semi-boss for a humanity point.

After earning the humanity point, go to a bonfire and select Reverse Hollow to become a human. The more humanity to gather, the more you become resistant to curses increase in possibilities of obtaining item drops and the damage you perform increases. Upon gathering and using 30 humanity, the caps for this effect stops.

A number in the top-left corner of the HUD shows the amount of humanity that you have. Every humanity you hold increases the number item drops (by 5), but the item drop rate decreases with the increase of humanity level. Level of humanity influences the damage of items that perform chaos damage which have maximum effect at level 10.


  • Dropped by most NPCs
  • 100% drop by Giant Undead Rat
  • Dropped by Small Undead Rats
  • Dropped by Snow Rats in Painted World of Ariamis
  • Sold by Patches in Firelink Shrine for 10,000 souls. Limited to 3 per playthrough
  • Sold by Marvellous Chester in Royal Wood for 10,000 souls. Limited to 13 per playthrough
  • Dropped by Large Undead Rats in Depths
  • Dropped by all Bosses
  • Sold by Undead Merchant Female in Firelink Shrine, for 5,000 souls. Limited to 1 per playthrough
  • Dropped by Skeleton Babies in Tomb of the Giants
  • Dropped by Pisacas in The Duke’s Archives’ prison tower
  • Dropped by Humanity Phantoms in Chasm of the Abyss

Method of Earning Humanity

In Dark Souls, humanity can be gained through various methods. Kill Evil Spirits, help different players to invade and earn humanity.

You can earn 10 Humanity after killing all the adversaries when the boss is alive. Your “Monster kill count” will not reset after dying, leaving the sector and using the bonfire.

These items can easily be stored and don’t vanish after your death in the game and can be acquired as a random drop from Sewer Rats or mobs.

You can also buy this item from Merchants and it can also be found as loot on the corpse of grey. At last, kill a boss to earn Humanity.

Below is a table showing each method used to earn humanity and how much humanity is acquired.

Method Received Amount
Humanity Item 1
Twin Humanities 2
Darkhand strong attack NPC Depends on NPC
Buy Depends on Shop
 Being victorious against adversaries Up to 10 in each area
White Phantom boss kill 1
Red Phantom bloodstain 1
Invade as Red Phantom defeat Opponent 1
Defeat summoned Phantom or Invading Phantom 1
Dark Hand strong attack Depends on Covenant Rank


Uses of Humanity

Some important things you can do with humanity are:

  • Kindle any bonfire by spending Humanity Point there in human form
  • Return to human form
  • It helps in curing curses
  • It increases the level in Chaos Servant and Darkwraith Covenants
  • Summon phantoms to aid you in fights, you are fully exposed to the lethal attacks caused by the Black Phantom.
  • Summon/Invade other players
  • Increases attack power with Chaos weapons
Usage Consumed
Kindling 1: Up to 3 times
Reverse Hollowing 1
Cure Curse 1
Dark wraith Covenant 1
Chaos Servant Covenant 1
Chaos Weapons changes 1-10
Spell changes 1-10


Regaining of Humanity

Upon dying, you lose all the “soft humanity” you are holding and souls and the only way to regain humanity is to reach your bloodstain. Your location where you died is where you will find your bloodstain and later visit the bonfire nearby to gain the human form.

Remember, you have one chance to retrieve your humanity so if you die again before regaining your loot, you lose that stuff for good.

An Easy Process of Regaining Humanity

If you can’t regain your humanity by reaching your bloodstain, then this is a simple method that you can follow in order to regain your humanity.

Kill Sewer Rats in the Depths which doesn’t need Gaping Dragon to live. After defeating the Capra Demon, and taking the key to Depths, go to the bonfire.

From there (bonfire) onwards, Kill each rat available in the Depths. This whole method of farming and going through the Depths multiple times and going back and forth to the bonfire can help you gain a lot of humanity; it may be difficult but has a decent amount of impact on gaining humanity because the rats have an outstanding drop rate of the resource.

Easiest Humanity Farming

There are five pinwheel adversaries and skeleton babies that can respawn for an unspecified period of time, before Gravelord Nito’s fog gate.

All you have to do is simply kill each and every adversary and go down the shallow water in the baby skeletons spawn area.

After reaching the bottom of the ramp, look towards the water, run around in the area left to you, and around the pillars and sprint back to the ramp.

Crowd all the little skeletons about 10 of them into one major gathering. Kill them by using a Swinging weapon such as updated Zweihander.

Gather all the humanity dropped because just like mentioned above those babies can respawn and when they do all the humanity will disappear.

It will take at least an hour to gather up about 40 humanity without going back to the bonfire. Coveteous Gold Serpent Ring gives the best result, get up to 410 item discovery situated on the above corner to the left of the screen.

Precise Values

Humanity Item Discovery Rate Curse Resist Physical defense Magic defense Flame defense Lightning defense
00 100 30 0 0 0 0
01 150 40        
02 158 50        
03 165 60        
04 173 70        
05 180 80        
06 186 88        
07 192 96        
08 198 104        
09 204 112        
10 210 120 13 13 13 15
11 210 122        
12   123        
13   125        
14   126        
15   128        
16   129        
17   131        
18   132        
19   134        
20   135        
21   137        
22   138        
23   140        
24   141        
25   143        
26   144        
27   146        
28   147        
29   149        
30-98   150        
99   150 109 101 106 117


This was the guide telling you the uses of humanity and details about how this item works along with its retrieval after dying, you think we missed something? the comment section is opened for everyone. Share your thoughts down below

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