Dark Souls – How To Get Drake Sword and Dragon Greatsword

Looking for something that can slay the monstrous beasts you encounter randomly in Dark Souls ? Choose between Drake Sword and Dragon Greatsword to fight these evil creatures and save your humanity.

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How To Get Drake Sword in Dark Souls
You’ll get to a bridge with a large dragon on it, that dragon is very hard/impossible to be killed. Don’t try to engage it directly. Just get beneath that bridge and clear it from the enemies.

Now equip your bow & arrow and aim the dragon’s tail when you see it. You will have to hit the tail for about 15-20 times and its tail will drop off, rewarding you with the Drake Sword – It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

How To Get Dragon Greatsword in Dark Souls
Same way for the Dragon Sword too, when you get to the Ash Lake’s end – There is another big dragon. Get to his back-side and cut off his tail by using the same technique.

You will rewarded by the sword, which can do a damage of about 500 once upgraded.

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