Dark Souls, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Ports Rumored To Be Part Of Bandai-Namco Announcements

A recent leak has claimed that alongside some other upcoming announcements, that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot ports and new Dark Souls ports will be coming at some point in the future. The leak came from leak group LeakyPandy, who claimed that Kakarot and other Dark Souls titles could be coming to the Switch.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot takes players through the entire story of Dragon Ball Z, and beyond with some of its DLC, getting into the Super era. However, since its release the game has been exclusive to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, so a Switch port might be welcome to get some interest back in it.

Dark Souls has been on the Nintendo Switch since 2018 when the Remastered version was released, but it’s possible that Bandai-Namco is looking to put the other two games in the trilogy on the console too, alongside putting it up on Google Stadia.

The information from LeakyPandy also claims that along with the Dark Souls and Dragon Ball Z Kakarot ports, other information may be coming for Tales of Destiny, Tales of Arise, and Gundam Breaker 4, who are also all possibly getting ports of their own, though again nothing is confirmed yet.

LeakyPandy also stated that they still don’t have any information on Elden Ring, so we’re going to still be waiting on that for a while longer, it seems. Though Elden Ring did have a supposed internal trailer get leaked online, there’s still no indication of a release date (or even any mention of it in future gaming events.)

Either way, having more Dark Souls games on the Nintendo Switch, or having a Dragon Ball Z Kakarot port to the same console, will hopefully help both franchises experience a kind of resurgence, if the leak turns out to be true. Either way, we’ll hopefully find out if Bandai-Namco actually makes those announcements.