Dark Souls 3 Way of Blue Covenant Location ‘Covenant: Way of Blue’ Guide

Dark Souls 3 Way of Blue is one of the earliest Dark Souls 3 Covenant that you can join in the game. The covenant essentially provides you protection against hostile players in the game.

As a member of Dark Souls 3 Way of Blue Covenant, you will automatically start searching for other members of the group so as to defeat invading phantoms and stay alive.

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Dark Souls 3 Way of Blue Covenant

In order to find the Way of Blue Covenant, you need to head inside the church before you start the Vordt of the Boreal Valley. Once you are inside, you simply need to talk to the woman in there and obtain Way of Blue token.

With token in your hand, you should be able to join the Way of Blue Covenant without any problems.

One important thing to note when it comes to Way of Blue is that this covenant does not have traditional rank and reward system like other covenants in the game.


As mentioned earlier, the sole purpose of joining the Way of Blue Covenant is to keep the invading phantoms at an arm’s length and watching one another’s back.

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