Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough – High Wall of Lothric, Vordt of the Boreal Valley

Dark Souls 3 High Wall of Lothric guide to walk you through the area and complete Dancer of the Boreal Valley and Vordt of the Boreal Valley boss battles.

After arriving in High Wall of Lothric, open the door in front and head down towards the Bonfire.

First head to the wall on the right and fight a bowman from the hole in the wall – try to lure him. From there, try to eliminate dogs before other enemies – the praying ones are potentially harmless.

You will also encounter two slow but hard-hitting enemies here. It is better to lure them and fight one by one. You should try to dodge their attacks as these enemies can easily break through defense. With these enemies out of the way, drop down on the left side to deal with a single opponent and acquire a Soul of a Deserted Corpse. The door in front should be locked.

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Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough – High Wall of Lothric

Head back up and towards the tower on the other side. Do not engage the praying opponents and lure the bowman to eliminate him. You need to kill the undead here as soon as possible because one of them would transform into a mini-boss who can be very tough to deal with – try to kill it before the transformation completes. Otherwise, try to use Firebombs and rely on quick attacks. Once done, obtain the Long Bow and 12 Standard Arrows before heading towards the Bonfire.

From the Bonfire, head left where you will come across more praying enemies and an enemy with a lamp who will call in reinforcements. You should try and kill the enemies with the lamp as early as possible. Once all the enemies in the area are down, acquire a Soul of a Deserted Corpse from the middle and continue ahead!


From the area, head up to find some enemies near a dragon’s body and another summoner. Avoid getting hit by enemy throwing Firebombs and lure enemies down one by one. After clearing the area, obtain Binoculars near a corpse.

From there, head near the dragon’s body and drop down the path to find Resin. When inside, kill the enemy behind wooden crates and then another enemy to obtain 2x Firebombs. Use the ladder to head down and find a Soul of a Deserted Corpse and a way out.

Outside, you will come across a spearman and a crossbowman. Try to kill them as soon as possible and head back. You will notice some enemies on the balcony and some on the walkway. At this point, you need to run about halfway towards the walkway and quickly head back – the slumbering dragon will wake up and eliminate all the enemies in the area.

Tip: Do note that it is very much possible to kill the dragon, provided that you have enough arrows and a bow.

From there, you need to head up, but make sure that you do not receive any fire damage. Once you are up, you will receive 1x Ember, 1x Club, 1x Soul of a Deserted Corpse, and 1x Claymore. After acquiring the items, head inside the building and then down. Do not open the chest as it will kill you right away! Instead, just attack it and you will see that it is a Mimic Chest.

This is a tough enemy who can be defeated by maintaining a safe distance and Firebombs – if you think you are not up for it, better leave it. However, if you manage to defeat it, you will get Deep Battle Axe.

Once you are done with Mimic Chest, head up the ladder and find a Knight outside. As soon as you are out, defeat two slumbering enemies on left and right and then take on the Knight. He is a tough foe and you should try to stay behind him while using your shield to eliminate him.

After defeating the Knight, head inside the building and obtain 1x Soul of a Deserted Corpse from the body. Inside, an enemy will attack you from the left side that will drop Firebombs.

Once you are done, leave the building through the door on the right side. Do not head downstairs and head towards another Bonfire and obtain 1x Titanite Shard from the corner.

From the Bonfire, head down and defeat two enemies on the way. Go further down and you will come across an enemy with a halberd. Defeat this enemy and go along the corridor to kill an enemy tossing Firebombs – obtain some Throwing Knives from a corner.

At the end of the corridor, you will find Mail Breaker next to a corpse and an enemy heading in from the left side. If you head downstairs, you will come across a prisoner inside a cell. We will come back to the cell after acquiring the Cell Key so head to the middle floor door and head out.

After heading out, acquire 1x Soul of a Deserted Corpse on right and head towards the praying enemies. There is a ladder here that will lead to lower rooftops.

Eliminate the enemies in the area before proceeding ahead! Also make sure to get rid of the enemy standing on the rooftop with his hands in the air as he will transform into a tougher enemy. After dealing with the enemy, head down to find 1x Soul of Deserted Corpse, a Crossbowman, and several other enemies.

Once you are down, do not get ambushed by enemies and head towards the balcony. Obtain Firebombs from the corpse, head back towards the ladder, and instead of heading inside, head right to find Black Firebombs.

Once inside, turn left to kill an enemy near the wall and a Crossbowman. Roll through the vases to create path and obtain Undead Hunter Charm. Eliminate another enemy behind the stairs and acquire 1x Titanite Shard.

Head back to the main hall and deal with the knight the same way as before. After defeating him, obtain 1x Soul of a Deserted Corpse from the corner and head right towards a corridor. Destroying the barrels and chests here will allow you to jump down, but try to clear the area before heading there. Therefore, head back to deal with an enemy jumping in from the left and search the room from where he came to obtain 1x Broadsword. Once done, head out to proceed ahead!

Once you are inside, do not head down and go to the other side. Eliminate two enemies and find Silver Eagle Kite Shield inside a chest. While heading down, try to lure enemies one by one. Once done, you will find 1x Cell Key, 1x Estus Shard and 1x Titanite Shard. From there, head upstairs, destroy the chests and you will be able to jump down where you will find 1x Astora Straight Sword inside a chest and will be able to head towards the main square.

At this point, you should try to backtrack your steps to the locked cell and free Greirat who will ask you to carry a Blue Tearstone Ring to Loretta in Undead Settlement.

After freeing up Greirat, head back to the main square where you will find a huge knight. While fighting this enemy, you need to keep a distance from his whirlwind attack and lightning attack. Otherwise, try to stay behind his back and continue to dish out some damage. After defeating the huge knight, search the area to find 2x Ember and 1x Rapier. Exit through the lowered gate and then head right.

In the new area, you will come across a Crossbowman and another enemy on the stairs. Head up the first flight of stairs and you will find 1x Soul of a Deserted Corpse. From here, jump onto the roof over the square and find 1x Ring of Sacrifice. From there, head up the stairs and then right.

In the new area, you will encounter a single enemy with more appearing after you kill the initial enemy. After you have cleared the area, you will find 1x Green Blossom in a corner. Head to the very end of the path to use a lift and find some Throwing Knives near the chest. Head through the metal bars to unlock a shortcut leading to the first Bonfire.

Head back to the main square and head to the opposite path, towards the bridge. On the bridge, you will find two knight who should be lured one by one and then defeated. After dealing with them, you will find another knight high on the balcony with Lucerne near a corpse.

Next up, head towards the chapel and turn left to come across a knight in a blue cape. Try to backstab him and land as many blows as possible before he turns around. You should use Firebombs and conclude the fight as early as possible! Once defeated, you will acquire 1x Refined Gem.

Next up, head inside the chapel and speak with Emma twice to acquire 1x Small Lothric Banner and Way of Blue covenant. From there, head to the opposite direction and defeat two enemies and an archer – the arena below is the location of Vordt of the Boreal Valley boss battle. Once you have defeated the boss, approach the edge, place the Small Lothric Banner and teleport to Undead Settlement.

However, before heading to Undead Settlement, note that there is one more thing to do in the area. After lightning the Tower on the Wall Bonfire or defeating Vordt of the Boreal Valley, you will be able to meet Leonhard, the Ringfinger in Firelink Shrine who will get you 5x Cracked Red-Eye Orbs. For more help on Dark Souls 3 Bosses, read out our Dancer of the Boreal Valley Boss Guide and Vordt of Boreal Valley Boss Guide.

After lighting the Cliff Underside Bonfire in the Undead Settlement or defeating the Curse-Rotted Greatwood along with a Pale Tongue at your disposal, you will see him in the Firelink Shrine once again and obtain the Lift-Chamber Key.

You need to use the Lift-Chamber Key to find a Darkwraith behind a locked door beneath the Tower on the Wall Bonfire in the High Wall of Lothric. If you manage to defeat the Darkwraith, you will get a Red Eye Orb and see Leohard once more in Firelink Shrine. For more help on NPC Questlines, read out our Dark Souls 3 – NPCs Questline Guide.

This is everything you can do in Dark Souls 3 High Wall of Lothric. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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