Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Mausoleum Lookout Walkthrough

Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Walkthrough will help you with the area and guide you on how the defeat the enemies that you will encounter in Mausoleum Lookout.

In Mausoleum Lookout you will face a very tough enemy that will summon ghostly archers that deal fire damage and even if you get past him there is danger lurking at every corner.

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Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Mausoleum Lookout

From the bonfire go down the stairs until you reach the base and you’ll see a graveyard stretching out in front of you. At the end of the graveyard, you will see a big creature will be summoning ghost archers.

Stick to the right and run towards the first set of gravestones which will help you block their fire. In the gap run past the next set of gravestones and stand behind them and don’t worry you will be covered from behind, and again wait for the gap to run to the next set of gravestones.

Kill the enemies that approach you and then run and jump from the ledge, dropping down to the platform below.

Now make your way up the ladder that you will find nearby, however, you will still be in the range of the archers so just sprint up the stairs as fast as you can, directly to the big guy himself.

Deal some damage and start rolling when he summons the archers and also look out for melee damage dealing ghost. Defeat the enemy and head down the stairs at the back of this area and now you can go back and pick up the items in the graveyard.

These are some more Titanic Chunks, a large soul of a weary warrior, some budding green blossom and some ember. There is a hidden blessing inside an arched doorway so enter there as well. Now go back to where the big guy was and head down

Chat with the NPC is you want to and keep going down. Be careful as an enemy will push you from the ledge at the bottom of the stairs and also be careful of the enemy ahead as another will join him from above. Defeat both of them while trying not to drop from the ledge.

There will be a room ahead on your left and an item ahead. Go grab the item and as soon as you get close you will be attacked. Take care of your attackers and will also get two Purging stones for your trouble, then head into the room and light bonfire.

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