Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Dreg Heap Walkthrough

Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Dreg Heap Walkthrough will guide you through the entire area safely so you make progress ahead with the game.

Dark Souls 3 is a fairly difficult game that does not hold your hand. The very first area in Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City DLC is Dreg Heap that is packed with enemies.

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Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Dreg Heap

Dreg Heap is the very first area that players will encounter in The Ringed City DLC. The area will be packed with enemies and it also gives a taste if what to expect from the DLC.

Dreg Heap
As you enter the Dreg Heap head down the path towards the twisting spires, on the edge you will an NPC called the Stone-Humped Hag.

She serves as a merchant from whom you can buy Ember and a new sword. Interact with her and then go to your right, walk on the edge of the building top to get to the other corner and collect the Ember.

Once done, you can drop down at the point just before the building and drop all the way to the bottom, it will be quite a drop, however, there is no fall damage.

Head to the castle ramparts and beware of the murkmen ahead. Among them will be a couple of sorcerers that can cause immense damage with their spells.

The crawling merkmen can grab and hold you in place – might even kill you or make you vulnerable to the sorcerers’ attacks.

Avoid being held by the crawling merkmen and deal with the sorcerers first, you can recognize them easily as they are the only ones standing upright with a scythe in their hand and they spawn with a white aura. Kill them first to avoid their attacks altogether.

Following that, go up the spiral stairs at the corner to find a monster waiting for you up another flight of stairs.

Wait down there for him to jump down then run up the stair and drop down upon his head and hit him with the strongest weapon you have to kill him instantly.

This is without doubt the quickest way of killing it. Go up the stairs to the pile of bricks and ash to find the Aqaumarine dagger.

Having collected the dagger, head back to the lower part where you just encountered the murkmen, this time to the right corner towards the glowing item balanced precariously on a corpse hanging from a ledge. As you get close the ledge will crumble and you will fall through the glass roof of a library.

As soon as you grab the item that fell with you more enemies will appear, take care of them. Again, there be sorcerers along with crawling merkmen.

You will find some stairs nearby, walk up the stairs to get to the other side of the shelves and find the weapon; Murky Hand Scythe. Make your way outside and be careful of the flying angel thing.

Drop down and scoop up the divine blessing on the ground. Sprint forward and grab the Lightning Urn and you will be safe where the Urn is located.

There is also a Ring of Steel Protection on the ledge to the other side of the building. But you have to be quick when going for it as the angle can do a lot of damage in a short time.

There will be a door nearby, go through it and there will be two knights ahead. Defeat both knights, collect the Soul of a Crest Fallen Knight and head through the door and watch out for the crawlers and the spell casters; once again.

Head up the stairs and into the room to find the Murky Longstaff. Break the wall in that room to reveal stairs going up.

Follow them into a room, keep moving until you reach a dining hall. there’ll be a lot of sorcerer murkmen over here attacking all at once. Go out on the wooden terrace to avoid their attacks behind the pillars. Collects the Great Soul Dregs from the hall once you’ve killed all of them.

At the one corner of the hall, there’s a ladder, kick it so it drops down, then jump down the wooden terrace from the far side onto another balcony.

Collect the Covetus Silver Serpent Ring and jump down again to make a pillar fall on your right. The fallen pillar will open another path in the hall where you encountered the knights.

Head inside the hall, get out through the back and find the summoner of the angle. While going there, the angle will be able to attack you.

Killing him will disable the angel. Now go back into the room with the two knights and cross the toppled tower to speak to an NPC called Lapp..

Keep going ahead until you reach a bridge and there will more enemies here. Kill them all and then drop down and try to do a drop attack on the enemy below. Once he is taken care of, take out the smaller enemies nearby. Now walk to the ledge and drop off, it will be long fall but you will be safe.

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