Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City The Shared Grave Walkthrough

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City The Shared Grave Walkthrough will guide you through the Shared Grave and will help you with defeating the Halflight, Spear of the Church Boss, Shira, Knight of Filianore and Slave Knight Gael.

In Shared Grave, you will have to face the dragon and defeat it and after that, you will come across more Dark souls 3 bosses, The Halflight, Shira, Knight of Filianore and Slave Knight Gael.

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Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City The Shared Grave

The Shared Grave
From the bonfire run for the wall in front and to the left and prepare yourself as you are about to face the dragon. Stand there for a while until the Dragon peeks over, as soon as he does run out straight to its clawed right hand.

Attacks its hand as much as possible and when it breathes fire run to its outside elbow by dodging and swiping. If the dragon repositions itself be careful as it will send you falling to the abyss with only one wild swing. As the Dragon’s health gets low it will go into a frenzy and will spit fire and swing everywhere relentlessly.

Stay close to the Dragon’s body and keep your shield up and the dragon will stop due to exhaustion, giving you a chance to get some free hits. Keep doing it until the dragon is dead.

Head up the stairs, following the salamander up to a room with a statue. One door leads outside while the other is an elevator that will open up a shortcut.

Head outside and move towards the waiting enemy. This fight is not going to be easy but well-timed dodges will help you a lot to defeat this enemy. The enemy is quite quick despite its massive swords which you will get to keep once it is down.

Halflight, Spear of the Church Boss Tips
As this enemy is down head to the chapel for a boss fight. At the beginning of the fight, go straight to the big enemy and take it out as quickly as possible. Deal with the ordinary healer enemy first, keeping the pillars between you and Halflight.

Try to circle a pillar for the entire boss fight as any projectile thrown at you will be blocked. Try not to block too much as his flurries will stagger you in seconds unless you are a tank.

As the Halflight’s health drops to 50%, another healer will appear, so take it out as quickly as possible because it will heal the Halflight. The best way to defeat the Halflight is to be aggressive, so don’t even try to look for counter opportunities and try to land the strike first.

Circle him when it summons lightning spears, roll out of the way of his homing orbs, and try to keep within striking range. Keep doing it and the Halflight will be defeated and you can access the bonfire.

Slave Knight Gael Boss Tips
Just walk up the stairs and touch the big egg looking thing and a cutscene will play, once the cutscene is over you will have another boss to fight. Go through the wastes following the trail of destruction caused by Slave Knight Gael.

In the first phase of this boss fight just dodge its swings and immediately attack him, but try not to get greedy as it will kill you in an instance if given the chance.

As the Slave Knight Gael backs off to prepare to lunge at you, as he does roll towards him and you will dodge the lunge attack. The same goes for the plunging attacks.

As you hear him scream, it means that he’s about to perform a flurry, but rhythmic rolls under each swing should see you right. Alternatively, rolling backward will also work as long as you have the space to pull it off.

The second phase of this boss fight in Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC is a tough one. In this phase his attacks have a deadly energy wake, his range has increased and it will use a crossbow and will throw some energy projectiles.

Rolling to the left or right will save you from these, however, you will have to dodge the energy blast twice as it will come back at you again. When Slave Knight Gael is not using projectiles, go right to him and strike him.

One attack to watch is his downward swing, as it’ll hit you again on the way up, so be sure to dodge twice for that. The crossbow can be interrupted by attacks if you are standing close to him.

As his health drops to just on third, he will scream and while he i get a few hits on him and roll back. There will be a lot of attacks going on around you and they will come at you fast one after the other. However, don’t panic just stay close to him and stab it to death.

You can also get a few hits while he hunches up and starts muttering. He will repeat the death orbs attacks and this time he will also lunge at you, sp keep rolling until you are clear. Repeat these steps and he will go down.

Shira, Knight of Filianore Boss Tips
As the Slave Knight Gael has been defeated, ignite the bonfire and prepare yourself for another boss fight with Shira, Knight of Filianore.

Just head back from the bonfire and trek through the way you came from and you will enter a crumbled chapel. In this very chapel you will face Shira, Knight of Filianore.

You might feel comfortable while staying at a distance from this boss due to its intimidating weapon, but staying close to it is a better option, as her electric arrows are even worse than her axe attacks. Just match her blow for blow and she will go down.

A Titanite Slab and the Crucifix of the Mad King will be rewarded to you for defeating Shira, Knight of Filianore.

Also, if you travel back to the very first bonfire of the DLC the old woman NPC will be dead, collect her ashes and you can trade these ashes with the shopkeeper at Firelink.

That is all for our Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Walkthrough for Shared Grave with tips on how to defeat the Halflight, Spear of the Church Boss, Shira, Knight of Filianore Boss and Slave Knight Gael.

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