Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Streets Walkthrough

This Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Walkthrough will guide you through the Ringed City Streets and will help you with the Dragon you will face here and The Moaning Knight.

In the Ringed City Streets, you will face the first dragon of the Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC. As expected, the dragon is not easy to defeat and the entire area will pull some tricks on you that you will not see them coming.

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Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Streets

Ringed City Streets
From the bonfire head back to the swamp to get the Ringed Knight Straight Sword. Just stick to the right until you circle back to the bonfire and you will find it up on the ledge.

The easiest way to traverse through the swamp is to ignore as many enemies as possible. As you move ahead there will be another big enemy that you have faced before which summons archers. So just run straight for the big guy himself and defeat it, just watch out for its wild swings and summoned melee fighters.

Once the big guy is dealt with, head to the left side of the room from where you encountered him. Just keep moving to avoid the spells, at the top there will be a turtle guy guarding the Witch Birch Bow.

Drop down and run towards the partly submerged building past the knights and drop down to the cliff hanging over the swamp.

Now run back towards the bonfire from the vintage point and you will get on the other side of the locked door opening this door will serve you as a shortcut, now head to the far end of the swamp.

At the back of this area is a Dragonslayer Armor mini-boss, defeat it to get the Iron Dragonslayer set. Now head back to the submerged building and to the cliff edge. Cross the bridge and it is time to face the Dragon.

Go straight across and when you see the dragon making a fire run for the bridge, start rolling into the wall to your right. From here quickly run to the cave on the right before the dragon comes for another round.

As you get to the cave, wait there tricking the dragon into having another go. Start running as soon as the dragon does and drop down to the next level.

Kill the enemy below and then make your way up dealing with another enemy there and wait for the dragon to go for another run and enter the room with spiral stairs. Go up the stairs straight to the salamander.

As soon as you swing for the salamander the floor will crumble and you will face more skeletons and a dark spirit called the Moaning Knight.

The moaning knight is pretty easy to backstab just watch for the edge while fighting him. As you defeat him you will get a Blindfold Mask and make your way back up and you will come across a bonfire.

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