Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Inner Wall Walkthrough

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Inner Wall Walkthrough will guide you through the Ringed Inner Wall area and will help you with the enemies and how to defeat them.

Ringed Inner Wall starts right at the bonfire that you will come across at the end of Mausoleum Lookout. This is a small area compared to other ones and there are not any boss fights here.

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Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Inner Wall

This Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Walkthrough will guide you through the Ringed Inner Wall and help you defeat all the enemies.

Ringed Inner Wall

Inside the room, there will be a locked door in the far left corner, an arched doorway straight ahead and there will be a corridor to the right leading to another arched doorway.

Go through the doorway straight ahead and it is recommended that you go ahead with your shield raised as there will be an enemy waiting to ambush you.

Head down the stairs and attack the corpse because it is not a corpse and keep going down and deal with the enemies down there.

As you get at te bottom head left where more enemies will pop up and all of them can curse you. So kill them as fast as possible and be aggressive. Here you will also face a new enemy, defeat it.

Head down the stairs from where the knight came from and you will be attacked by two fast moving enemies. Defeat them and keep heading downwards and as you get to the bottom kill the turtle man then head through an ornate archway nearby.

Inside there will be three more of them and will be much tougher as they are in a group, so deal with them quickly. Head down the spiral stairs for another fight with a knight., but this one has a spear and a turtle wizard is backing him up.

Defeat them and head up the stairs to your right and there will be more enemies that will pop up that will hurt you plenty.

Defeat them and head down the stairs towards the swamp. Ignore the big enemies here and run left until you reach a ladder.

Head up the stairs and go across the bridge and again run left and avoid enemies here. Keep going until you see Lapp sitting in a room.

Talk to him if you like and drop down from where you are to get the Ringed Knight Spear.

Head back out and keep to the right and you will circle past the bug-like enemies and ignore them completely if you want to and eventually you will come to another bonfire.

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