Dark Souls 3 Crystal Sage Boss Battle Guide – How to Beat

A guide on how to beat Crystal Sage boss battle in Dark Souls 3 and unlock Crystal Sage Achievement or Trophy in the game.

Dark Souls 3 Crystal Sage is another boss in the game that primarily relies on Magical Projectiles to dish out damage to your character. However, do note that these projectiles can easily be dodged.

In addition to this, you can deal some damage to the boss which will stun him, allowing you to dish out some even more damage before heading away – Crystal Sage will not execute anything while he is stunned!

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Dark Souls 3 Crystal Sage Boss Battle Guide

After absorbing some damage, the boss will teleport away and you will have to force the entire process again. An important thing to note here is that the Crystal Sage takes a while to re-appear after teleporting which can be used to use an Estus Flask.

During the second phase of the boss battle, he will summon a total of 3x decoys. You will easily be able to distinguish the decoys from the actual boss by their blue attacks and the fact that they stick close to one another.

In addition to this, the decoys will go down in a single hit which will allow you to eliminate them all with a single hit. Aside from this, all the attacks at the boss’s disposal primarily remain the same. Just stick to the strategy provided above to complete!


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