Dark Souls 2: Sunken King DLC Memory of the King Guide

The Sunken King DLC for Dark Souls 2 introduces the “Crown of the Sunken King” quest, where your main objective is to acquire the enigmatic king’s crown for yourself.

There’s plenty of additional gear and awesomeness to explore for, but once you have finished the main quest and acquired the crown, there’s a subtle little addition a few of you might not discover by yourselves.

This is a new a memory, and you can enter it and encounter the ruler of Drangleic castle, King Vendrick, only after you have slayed him though.

Getting Access to the Memory
In order to find Vendrick’s arena, you’ll have to light up all five of the primal bonfires, after which you can head to the Shaded Woods, where the Shrine of Winter will be open.

Through the shrine you’ll be able to go to the Drangleic Castle, then through the Shrine of Amana you’ll eventually reach the Undead Crypt.

You’ll need to head through Aldia’s Keep and reach the Dragon Shrine to find the Ancient Dragon. This dragon will be able to give you the Ashen Mist Heart.

From this, you’ll be able to enter the memories of giants, dragons, and even dead kings. Cool!

Speaking to King Vendrick
In order to reach King Vendrick and fight him, you’ll need at least three Giant’s Souls. These souls will weaken Vendrick and make him vulnerable – without them he is almost immune to damage.

Once you have acquired the Ashen Mist Heart and have managed to defeat him, you can use the Heart on Vendrick’s cloth remains.

This will teleport you into his memory, where the alive king will be kneeling in the ground.

You can talk to him, and he’ll speak in metaphors, hinting towards other crowns and perhaps giving insight as to what could happen in future episodes of the DLC.

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