Dark Souls 2 Screenshots Show UI and Character Customization

Attuned with the looming release of Dark Souls 2, From Software has been releasing tidbits about the game more frequently. We found out about the customization tools in the game followed by the weapon set in the Collector’s Edition and now a whole bunch of Dark Souls 2 screenshots have been revealed showcasing user-interface in all its glory.

The new list of images generally depicts fight sequences where our protagonists are fighting against demons and other creatures – usually half naked. Furthermore, there are screenshots that show the character customization tools of our players; this time in English.

On the Class and Gift tab, you will be able to select what kind of character you want. Would it be a warrior, knight, swordsman, bandit, cleric, sorcerer, explorer or deprived i.e. with no skills and no known origins.

You will select the gender, build and physique in the Body page followed by the Face settings where apart from picking out everything from eyebrows to hair color and beard to eye color, you will also be able to add tattoos to the face.

In the advance settings, you set the skin tone, the color emphasis, age and hormones – yes hormones.

More importantly, the new screenshots have brought forward a look at the UI of the game. We get a glimpse of the Level Up page where you get to spend souls in order to level up. This is where you will also be able to select the score that the character has in each attribute as well as the damage power of each weapon that he/she carries.

Check them out in the gallery below:

We are under a month away from the release of what could be one of the toughest RPGs of today; Dark Souls 2 releases on March 11, 2014.

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