Dark Souls 2 Class Guide

What you experience as you progress in a game as difficult as Dark Souls 2 is not frustration, but reward. But all this reward, all this success originates from the initial choices that you make while creating your character.

Every player has an inclination towards one type of hero or another, which is why we have the well-known class system.

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Dark Souls 2 Class Tips

In Dark Souls 2 there exist a total of nine classes. Regardless of which class you choose, you have the option of accepting one of eight gifts to take along with you.

These gift items are of different kind and offer different attributes and traits to you. Obviously, the best choice is the one that suits the class you plan to choose best.

Do you wish to play as a sword wielding master who can also cast a bit of magic? Or do you wish to be an intelligent but powerful sorcerer? Or perhaps you’re one of the brave ones who start off with nothing but a cloth around the crotch and the willingness to survive.

Whatever it is, this guide for Dark Souls 2 should help you decide which class suits your desires and needs.


Starting Items

  • Armor – Standard Helmet, Hard Leather Armor, Hard Leather Gauntlets Hard Leather Boots
  • Weapon – Broken Straight Sword
  • Spells – Magic
  • Shield – Iron Parma Shield
  • Other – Lifegem

Key Stat

  • Strength

With a broken sword in your hand a mediocre shield, the Warrior may look like he starts off poor, but with ample strength and the right eye for a good weapon, you can quickly mold the class to your liking.

Try to get something worthwhile to replace your pitiful broken sword, and ideally your shield, though you could still compromise with the latter.

Overall the Warrior starts off quite well, with decent stats – you should look to immediately invest in what you want to create out of the class.


Starting Items

  • Armor – Falconer Armor, Falconer Gloves, Falconer Boots
  • Weapon – Broadsword
  • Other – Lifegem

Key Stat

  • Vigor

The mighty Knight is determined and fearless, and it is reflected by the class’s initial Vigor and Strength stat.

Knight is designed to be fashioned into a pure melee damage dealer, but you can utilize the more-than-average Faith to become a paladin of sort.

The Broadsword will serve you quite well in your initial tenure, but you might want to get your hands on a shield, for which you should visit Majula, the first merchant.


Starting Items

  • Armor – Wanderer Hood, Wanderer Coat, Wanderer Manchettes, Wanderer Boots
  • Weapon – Scimitar, Short Sword
  • Other – Lifegem

Key Stat

  • Dexterity

Speed, precision, and accuracy are what describe a swordsman. An artist with the blade, this class excels at the use of sharp metal to decimate foes.

The only issue seen is the lacking defenses necessary for the cruelty that awaits. Your Vigor is also a worrisome statistic that needs careful investment if you wish to progress forward.

If you could invest in Vigor and Vitality, your severe deficiency of protection and survivability will be nullified, thus allowing for a more fulfilling role as a true monster slayer.


Starting Items

  • Armor – Spiked Bandit Helm, Bandit Armor, Bandit Gauntlets, Bandit Boots
  • Weapon – Hand Axe, Shortbow
  • Other – Lifegem

Key Stat

  • Dexterity

With a fine mix of great Dexterity, Vitality, and Faith, the Bandit has the necessary versatility to survive the wrath of the abominations that require being slayed.

As good with ranged attacks as with melee, the Bandit class is designed never to think with brain, but only with strength. Therefore, possessing low Intelligence gives the class inability to become ineffective at sorcery.

For those not looking to experiment with fire and dark magic, this class will breeze through the initial parts of the game thanks to range duality offered by the bow and axe.


Starting Items

  • Armor – Archdrake Robes
  • Weapon – Mace, Cleric’s Sacred Chime
  • Spells – Heal
  • Other – Lifegem

Key Stat

  • Faith

The faithful shall pass through the toughest of times and places, and shall not fear when entering the valley of the dead.

With a fine mix of Faith and Attunement for Miracles and ample strength to bestow upon enemies their holy wrath, the Cleric is wise and able to balance between all that is good and the unforgiving pain of a weapon.

What the class lacks is the ability to wield a defensive shield. For this very reason, an investment in Endurance is an essentiality.

It’s unlikely that one would stick to a mace throughout the game, for which reason you should also look to improve the Dexterity of this otherwise formidable healing class.


Starting Items

  • Armor – Black Hollow Mage Robe, Important Trousers
  • Weapon – Sorcerer’s Staff, Dagger
  • Spell – Soul Arrow
  • Other – Lifegem

Key Stat

  • Intelligence

With high intelligence and ample knowledge, but a lack of a brute physique, the Sorcerer is heading only one way: sorcery.

Improving on the weaker aspects of this class is a difficult matter, as it would deprive it of its charm of high intelligence and impulsive magic damage.

The staff aids you well at the start of your journey, while the dagger ensures that those who come close do not become excessively comfortable.

Consider investing points in Vigor and Vitality to equip yourself of better armor, for the robes can only take so much harshness.


Starting Items

  • Armor – Traveling Merchant Hat, Traveling Merchant Coat, Traveling Merchant Gloves, Traveling Merchant Boots.
  • Weapon – Dagger
  • Ring – Spell Quartz Ring
  • Other – Lifegem (x20), Witching Urn, Aromatic Ooze, Prism Stone, Rusted Coin, Repair Powder, Pharros’ Lockstone

Key Stat

  • Adaptability

It seems that nothing aids an explorer apart from his/her ability to adapt, and the ample goods he/she has found during the explorations and travel.

Such is the case with the Explorer class, equipped with a weak dagger and common clothes, but wielding items of such curiosity that could aid when mighty weapons like swords and staves could not.

The adaptability allows the class to take on any role desired, or to take on all of them. You’ll excel at nothing, but with multiple tricks up your sleeves and clever items in your pocket, you could outsmart the common foe.


Starting Items

  • Armor – None
  • Weapon – None
  • Spell – None
  • Other – None

Key Stat

  • None

True to the word, this almost-naked and broke individual has everything to live for. With nothing but your fists to work with, you learn your ways in battle only by living the battles themselves, and forging your own destiny.

No statistic describes who you are beforehand, but with every victory you develop yourself into what you always wanted to be.

With the potential to be whatever desired, this class gives you the taste of true survival, true harshness, and true reward – all starting from absolutely nothing.

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