Dark Souls 1 is Offline, Devs Did it on Purpose?

Dark Souls 1 is offline for almost one week and nobody knows why that is. While majority of fans of the Souls series are busy fighting tough bosses in Dark Souls 3, those few who are still playing Dark Souls 1 have no idea why their game has gone offline.

Some prefer to play Dark Soul on their own while others like to co-op to take down bosses or invade other players and ruin their day.

Report comes from Kotaku that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are working just fine but PC version’s matchmaking has not been working for a week. Players can’t even use Soapstones to leave messages for other players as well.

Report suggests that based on the changes that were made to Dark Soul’s steam DB profile, Bandai Namco or From Software have modified the game. The item named usemms was changed and it is suspected that this change has caused this problem.

Bandai Namco’s community manager has acknowledged the issue and tweeted:

RE: Dark Souls PTDE Matchmaking. Not sure why it’s being funky. Have made dev team aware – Will share any updates.

This was almost five days ago and as of now Dark Souls 1 is offline.

A reddit user named _Lelantos said that he is going through the game again and now it feels different without the online component. He said that the game feels empty and there is no sense of going through the game solo also there are no messages about praise the sun after defeating bosses.

Some think that From Software did this on purpose after seeing how quickly people are finishing Dark Souls 3 devs might want to keep players on their toes.

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