Dark and Light Reviving Pool Guide

This Dark and Light Reviving Pool Guide will teach you all the information you need to know about the summoning/reviving pool. The Reviving Pool not only helps you to tame lesser elementals and elementals like the water imp but it also helps you revive your dead creatures as long as you saved them beforehand.

Dark and Light is an MMORPG developed by Snail Games and released into early access on 20th July 2017. Even though the game has received mixed reviews due to being extremely buggy, it offers some innovations to the now stale genre of MMORPGs.

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Dark and Light Reviving Pool

To build a Dark and Light Reviving Pool all you have to do is to get to tanning tank three. Building it requires 350 Stones, 20 Cooper Ingots, and 20 Magic Essence. After this, you can craft it. Be mindful of the fact that the Reviving Pool takes up a lot of space so you need to be careful where you place it. After this, you need to build one of the following.

Small Soul Suppress Stone

Requiring 11 Sulfur Ore, 11 Ice Chunks, 11 Stones, 11 Charcoal and 1 Magic Essence, the small soul suppress stone can be used to tame lesser elementals like the fire or the water imp. Once created, find and kill an imp.

Then brandish the stone and press your left mouse button to suck it into the stone. Now all that is left to do is to go to your Reviving Pool and throw the stone in it. The pool will now ask you for a certain amount of ice chunks and magic essence that will vary depending on the level of imp you want to revive. Now all you have to do is to wait and your imp will be ready and tamed. You can click on the pool to see how much of the taming process is left.

Summoning Stone

Unlocked at taming level 5, Summoning stone is perhaps the most important part of the Reviving Pool. The main purpose of out of to revive any creature that may have died. Make sure you remember to save your creature before it dies otherwise it will not be possible to revive your imp.

Crafting it requires 25 Ground Bone, 25 Quartz Sand, and 5 Magic Essence. Once you are done with the crafting, save your creature into the stone by equipping the stone and left clicking your creature. After that, store the stone somewhere safe. I would advise you to place it in your Reviving Pool itself.

Creatures require meat and hide to be revived. The amount varies according to the level and species of the dead creature. Once you have the required items make your way to your Reviving Pool and select the summoning stone. Now you can start reviving your creature.

Reviving takes a little time and during that time, there is a miniature version standing on top of the pool that must be protected at all costs; otherwise, the revival procedure will be aborted. Remember that the creature will be revived at the level that you saved it at.

Soul Suppress Stone

A stone useful for taming different elementals, it requires the highest possible taming rank (6). Once you reach the rank, you need 1 Earth Elemental Core, 1 Fire Elemental Core, 1 Air Elemental Core, 1 Water Elemental Core and 1 Chaos Essence. After this, the process for taking the elemental is the same as the one mentioned for taming lesser elementals.

We hope you enjoyed this Dark and Light Reviving Pool Guide, one of the most important aspects of the game is to remember to save your creatures so you can revive them when they die. Dark and Light has had a turbulent time with the critics and the community so let us know what you thought about the game after your first few hours.

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