D&D Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest Puzzle Guide

Crystal Harvest is the second act of the Crystalline Dreams campaign in D&D Dark Alliance. There is an attribute point locked behind a shield, which you can only get by solving a pressure plate puzzle. In this D&D Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest Puzzle Solution guide, we will show you how to solve the puzzle to get the shield down, so that you can get the attribute point.

D&D Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest Puzzle Solution

The Crystal Harvest Puzzle is a part of the Crystalline Dream Mission (Second Act). This is one of two post-game missions available for players who have ended the main campaign of D&D. These become available once “The Mask of Kelvin” campaign has been completed. It is a story about a magic-possessed beholder.

There are 3 acts to this campaign; The Floating City, Crystal Harvest, and A Crystal Crown. The most commonly dropped item is Underdark Camo.

Crystalline Dream Puzzle Solution

As you enter the chamber, the attribute points altar will be on the far end of the chamber, up some stairs, and behind a blue shield. What you will see directly in front of you will be three rows of pressure plates. The first row, on the far right, will have three pressure plates. The one in the middle will have two and one on the far left will have 3.

The sequence in which you must activate/stand on the pressure plates is as below:

  1. Stand on the first pressure plate in the row on the right side. The symbol on the pressure plate will be a 12-sided star.
  2. The second pressure plate is the first plate of the middle row. The symbol on it will be the 8-sided star inside of a circle.
  3. The 3rd plate you need to stand on is the middle plate of the left row. The image on top of it will be a triangle.
  4. Now for the last plate, return to the row on the right side of the chamber and head to the third and last pressure plate with the 8-sided star without a circle outline.

With this, the huge blue shield blocking your way to the altar will lift and net you the attribute point.

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