Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Chef Boss Guide

The Verbeeg Chef is making a foul Dwarf Stew and must be dealt with! In this guide, we’ll outline everything you’ll need to know on how to defeat the Verbeeg Chef in the boss fight against him in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Chef Boss

Just getting to this putrid chef is a hassle! At the spawn location you need to head straight over the blades trap but make sure you stay on the areas on the side to avoid trap damage. Follow the path till you see lava flowing on the side. To get this done effectively the party must collaborate and work together.

Eventually, you will face some smaller Verbeeg like creatures in the dungeon which much be defeated in order to open the gate to the left side of the arena. Upon defeating the spider-like hostile enemy you will get an explosive barrel.

The explosive barrel will be used to open the gate that leads the way to the boss. Follow the path and then turn right towards the stairs which will take you to a platform. The platform can be interacted with, and it will lift you up many levels till you reach the boss arena where you fight The Chef.

The boss will be busy chopping up dwarves and making stew when you enter. He’s none too pleased because the soup isn’t ready yet! After the cutscene, the fight will immediately start so you need to keep some things in mind.

Boss Moves

The Chef has a large spear that he swings in large arcs. This will definitely hit multiple party members so watch out! He will also sometimes thrust this spear forward, so be warned that staying in range doesn’t guarantee safety.

The boss also has the ability to jump and ground pound onto you, so be careful and ready to avoid that. Note that he can do it in place or even leap towards a random party member!

Besides his ground pound, the chef can also throw a chain to grapple players at range and pull them towards him. So always be on the move at a distance.

Lastly, watch out for his spinning spear whirlwind attack! The Chef will start spinning with his spear and move around the arena. This is hard to avoid but highly telegraphed so be ready for it!

How to Defeat The Chef

The arena you fight the boss in is a little cramped and the Chef is huge. What’s worse is that there are floors that spew out pillars of fire at certain intervals surrounding the arena. This fire won’t hurt the boss so don’t try and bait him into it. Instead, observe the floor and you’ll know when the fire is about to come out (When it starts to glow). So, just watch out for this when moving about.

Now that you know about the arena, let’s focus on the boss. Have Catti stay at range and use ranged attacks against him, she only needs to worry about the chain and the ground pound. So just be mindful of those and keep shooting and moving. The rest of the melee-oriented should stay close to the boss and keep aggro.

Since the boss can also grapple the party member farthest to him, the one using ranged attacks to make sure that if that’s you, keep your eyes open to avoid the grappling hook.

Eventually, if you deal enough damage to him, he will finally die which will trigger a cutscene where he falls into the lava river.