Daniel Craig Underwent a Surgery Following an Injury on SPECTRE set

Daniel Craig injured his knee two months back, which was reported as a minor sprain during a fight scene at Pinewood. During the scheduled Easter break Craig had a surgery and the producers are certain that this surgery will not delay the movie’s release.

A spokesperson for Eon Productions stated it as a trivial process and says that they are sure that Craig will return to the sets of SPECTRE on time.

“It is a minor procedure… During a scheduled break, Daniel Craig had arthroscopic surgery to repair his knee injury. He will rejoin production on April 22nd at Pinewood.”

The Mirror reports that Craig struggled with his knee after the sprain, and he always gives his one hundred percent to the movie.

Craig took this chance to get his knee fixed before the pain increased. He had the perfect time for having the surgery as it was Easter break and the producers shot the scenes in which he was not required.

“He expects to be back to meet his schedule and we are confident he will be fully fit again and there will be no delays.”

Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, the producers, are under a lot of pressure as SPECTRE refers to a shadowy organization head by Franz Oberhauser, played by Christoph Waltz and it is an important installment for the franchise. Let’s just hope the injury does not result in the movie’s delay.

The 24th Bond movie, SPECTRE will release on November 6 as of now.

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