DAI: Jaws of Hakkon PS4 Release Details Coming Next Week

Five days ago, Bioware announced the first Dragon Age Inquisition expansion, Jaws of Hakkon was announced and it got released only a day later to PC and Xbox One. Many of the series fans who were using PlayStation 4 didn’t like the treatment.

However, the developers are now turning towards PlayStation and clarifying that the release was skipped because the expansion had to be a timed exclusive and that he hopes it doesn’t aggravate things further.

BioWare studio general manager Aaryn Flynn took part in a Q&A session at Kotaku recently where he was asked to comment on the possibility that fans who felt let down could be boycotting the DLC.

In his reply, he first explained what could be regarded as his reasoning for the timed exclusivity:

Jaws of Hakkon is a timed exclusive for the Xbox One and PC (through Origin). This approach allowed for a lot of support from Microsoft and Origin in launching the DLC, so did have that benefit for the team, and we appreciate the partnership. However, as a timed exclusive, it is definitely coming to the game’s other platforms, and based on our internal discussions I expect we’ll be announcing more details next week.

Later on, he motioned towards the Jaws of Hakkon DLC being “a pretty fun adventure that WILL be available on all platforms” and said he hoped “no one boycotts the purchase.” He ended by agreeing that “everyone is free to vote / message / communicate how they feel, so if that happens it happens.”

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