Daemon X Machina Snatcher Boss Guide

This Daemon X Machina Snatcher Boss guide covers all you need to know about this boss, such as his strengths, weaknesses, what strategy to follow when you battle him and which blueprints you unlock.

The Snatcher is a unique enemy in Daemon X Machina. This is because he does not act like a Colossal immortal; so much as he does like a freight train.

Daemon X Machina Snatcher Boss

The First Fight
The best way to defeat Snatcher during this battle is to creep up on him from behind and initially focus fire on destroying all the defenses. Once they have all been taken down, you can begin your assault on Snatcher’s body.

You can land on one of his trailers after the respective missile launchers and guns are taking out. This makes it easier to deal damage to him since you will be attacking from up close.

He doesn’t have any noticeable specific weak points so just wildly attack him in the hopes of dealing massive damage.

The Immortal Fight
During this fight, Snatcher is on a railroad in a canyon. Your mission is to stop him from reaching a checkpoint so you need to damage him quickl or else you will fail the mission.

You need to do approximately 25% damage to his main body before he stops and engages you in combat after coming off the tracks.

His primary attacks are just charging attacks, since he is like a freight train. They are not that effective but he does fire missiles and bullets at you.

The main thing to do in this boss fight is to farm the stray arsenals that engage you once he comes off the rails.

There are about six or seven of them, and you can use them to farm parts as well as weapons that you do not possess yet.

Once you’ve taken out the arsenals, it’s finally time to take out the boss. One weak point is on the top of his main body.

This appears during and immediately after a big charge attack so it is tricky to hit. You will probably need a sniper rifle to get around this.

The next two weak points are the very front of the train cart. It’s going to be difficult to get a shot in from the front since the boss will try to attack you. The best approach is to hover in the air and shoot at him from the front angle.

Snatcher Blueprints
The blueprint you get for defeating Snatcher is the OAW AM65 Riot Zero.

This is a vessel launcher that does decent damage and is useful against targets that aren’t that small or fast since those are hard to hit. Bigger targets such as stationary gun placements are prime targets.

This launcher is not going to be much use in PvP due it not being great against small and fast-moving targets. It can be of use during Co-Op sometimes.

There is an issue that it tends to track small targets instead of the big ones that you want to hit. This could be problematic so there are better missile launchers out there.

However, it still does decent damage against big targets so it is worth getting.

There is not much to say about Snatcher. You get done with this fight quickly.