Daemon X Machina Rebellion Boss Guide

Rebellion is a colossal enemy and is one of the unique Immortals in Daemon X Machina. You face two of these bosses throughout the game and in this Daemon X Machina Rebellion Boss guide, we will show you how to defeat it.

They are really tricky to counter and can damage your health really quickly. In our guide, we’ve given full information on Rebellion’s abilities used in a battle along with his weaknesses.

Daemon X Machina Rebellion Boss

Rebellion is a very tough Boss and you should be relieved that you’re only supposed to fight them since Crimson Lord and Diablo are the ones that’ll end them.

But still, you should know their strengths and weaknesses to survive. This Immortal has few abilities in his arsenal that can really affect your place in the game.


#1 Ability: Long-range Sword Attack
Rebellion’s first ability is a long-range attack that comes straight from his massive sword. Using this weapon, this immortal can strike you from a very far distance while emitting out beams, causing enough damage to take you out. But using this massive sword can be a disadvantage as Rebellion can only swing it forward so, you can easily avoid it.

#2 Ability: Massive Shield
Along with the massive sword, this immortal also possesses a huge shield. Rebellion uses his shield when he’s attacked from the front, both the shield and the sword will block your attack when executed from the front.

The best strategy here is to destroy the shield by focusing it down then targeting the main core.

#3 Ability: Bullet Attack
Apart from the massive sword, Rebellion has other long-range abilities such as shooting bullets, missiles and projectiles out of his body.

These attacks are accompanied by his minions that fly around him. They may be easy to kill but they can become a great diversion, distracting you from your target.

#4 Ability: Leg Attack
When you’re too close to Rebellion, he raises his leg and tries to hit you with it. This move is easily avoidable as it takes him a lot of time to raise his leg and you can use this time to boost yourself up since Rebellion can’t raise his leg too high.

#5 Ability: Elbow bash
There’s a move in Rebellions arsenal called the Elbow bash that he uses when you’re behind him attacking his elbow. Mostly this move is not used in standard battles but is performed in the Alpha and Beta fights.

#6 Ability: Leap Attack
This move is used when Rebellion wants to come near you or wants to keep a distance from you. This move is a combination of the leaping ability and an occasional charge (a long-range attack) of Rebellion.

He jumps in air and crashes down. This will either cause massive damage to the ground or in the air. Make sure he doesn’t land on top of you.

#7 Ability: Shock Wave
This is the last and the most important attack possessed by Rebellion. This move was used in Beta battles and according to the player, this move is performed when Rebellion’s strength drops down to fifty percent.

He then raises the sword up and crashes it into the floor. This results in a massive shock wave around you, causing a huge decrease in your health.


Rebellion has five weaknesses in Daemon X Machina. Two weaknesses are on his elbows and the other two are on the knees.

To reach the elbows, you must break the armor then target the power core. As for the knees, they’re also targeted like the elbows.

The last weakness is a surrounding energy field and it’s found on Rebellions chest, you can reach it once the armor is broken. Damaging that area requires you to break the field and blast it.

Also, destroying Rebellions right elbow will cause him to drop his massive sword, making him defenseless. And you can use the sword against him by simply press the interact button on the fallen sword and aiming.

Keep in mind that you can’t hold the fallen sword if you’re armed with two guns. You can continue the attack with the gun arms or attack him with his own sword.

Rebellions has some unique blueprints. The first is a full set of armor; two pieces are from the standard fight; one is from the Alpha fight and the remaining two pieces are from his Beta fight.

Each part of Rebellion’s body has its own impressive stats. Each piece has a slot in it and the players can use the defensive pieces of the armor to increase their VP.

The second blueprint has two versions. The first one is found in Rebellion’s Alpha fight. As for the other one, it’s found in the Beta fight. It’s a massive sword called Cronus Break which can be really effective in battles.

However, the minus point for this weapon is its striking; which is limited as it drops your Femto meter.

You can hold this weapon but can’t execute a double swing so its suggested that you have a gun in your other hand to make the attack more effective.

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