Daemon X Machina Nightmare Boss Guide

Nightmare is the second colossal immortal which you come across in Daemon X Machina. He is a huge and strong boss whom you come across when your damage is low. The Daemon X Machina Nightmare Boss guide below includes all the attacks and strategies there are when it comes to Nightmare.

Daemon X Machina Nightmare Boss

If we talk about attacks during the boss fight then Nightmare’s first set of attacks tends to stand from Rockets. He can launch the rockets and fire the little guns. He can also drop crates that possess other immortals like glimmer and strike.

Another attack includes the jet-propelled charge. You’ll turn suddenly at whoever the boss is going to target and then they fly at high-speed. Here, the best strategy you can apply is that you can boost out the wing.

Now one of his attacks, which is a quite dangerous one, is when he charges a Femto attack and flies directly in the air and then opens his Hangar bay to release a lot of lasers which you have to dodge before the drop and burst.

They are dangerous because even though, dodging them is quite easy but if you can’t do so then these can do you a lot of damage.

If you were successful in dealing damage to nightmare then four is going to notify you about the mortal fractal which has been detected. Nightmare will start charging on your more frequently and is going to cause more damage than before.

On his jet engines, you are going to notice the appearance of energy cores. This is the weak point so now they are open to attack. Shoot them and take him out with ease.

Each engine has two cores and you have to attack them. His movement doesn’t matter as you have to take down the engines. If you have damaged the cores then it is also going to stun him a little and make him open to attacks that are going to make it easier to kill.

To take them out, use medium to long-range weapons and if we consider him flying then having a sniper rifle might come in handy. The containers that drop, you can destroy them before they break open and the robots start getting out.

Nightmare has more HP and more damage now. If you fight him over the ocean then you need to be careful as a lot of arsenal gets downed. Engage in over the oil rigs or try to stay above Nightmare during the boss fight.

On the other maps, it harder to stay above him due to the height limits but it is easier in the ocean as you find to be on a greater height than you can actually fly to. These are some strategies to take Nightmare down.