Daemon X Machina GunFort Omega Boss Guide

GunFort Omega is one of the toughest challenges you will face in Daemon X Machina. Defeating GunFort Omega is a pretty difficult challenge, especially if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into so we made this Daemon X Machina GunFort Omega Boss guide to help you.

Daemon X Machina GunFort Omega Boss

Gunfort Omega pretty much uses the standard move-set of the original Gunfort, with just a few differences.

One thing you will instantly notice is that he will use his shield much more frequently. And of course, since this is an Omega class boss, his damage and durability have been significantly increased.

The main things you need to watch out for in this fight are the shield, his large cannon, his melee attacks and his AI reinforcements. Usually, the AI is not that big of a problem at all; but in this fight, they are absolutely lethal.

If you try to ignore the AI, you will quickly learn why you shouldn’t do that. Once they accumulate enough units, they can take you down easily.

So, take them out as they come. As soon as you see sparkles coming from the boss, get back and stay alert.

Best Weapon To Use
If you attempt this fight with other players, the best strategy for you is to use a gun that can stun Gunfort Omega. He is surprisingly vulnerable to being stunned.

So, if you use one of your guns to stun him, and another to deliver high DPS, this fight will go pretty smoothly. You can keep stunning him throughout the fight and just unloading your magazines on him.

Offline Team
If you’re thinking of taking him on offline, you should take Gargantua, Grief and Rose Queen.

Gargantua will help you out a lot with heals, while the other two teammates will keep Gunfort Omega stunned for you.

Grief is the most helpful teammate to have as he provides some hefty stat bonuses if he is alone with you in your team.

Keep Your Eyes On Him
This last tip may seem a bit too obvious, but you’d be surprised how much this will help you if you keep it in your mind throughout the fight. You need to constantly keep your eyes on Gunfort Omega.

The boss isn’t all that hard to beat, but he can deliver a crazy amount of damage very quickly. If you slip up, you can easily get hit with multiple different attacks in a row.

Keep an eye on him at all times and look for the visual cues which indicate he’s about to perform an attack.

If you follow all these tips properly, this fight will be a walk in the park for you.

The blueprint from Gunfort Omega is the legs of the Siegfried Set. It is practically a copy of the abdomen and front two legs of Gunfort.