Daemon X Machina GunFort Boss Guide

Daemon X Machina has you facing off against giant behemoth machines, that provide quite the challenge. In this Daemon X Machina GunFort Boss guide, we will be discussing the colossal Immortal GunFort, the first one you face off against.

Daemon X Machina GunFort Boss

The community actually considers Gunfort to be quite OP, so if you are having a hard time beating this guy, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Hopefully, with our help, you will be able to defeat this boss in no time.

Jump Attack
GunFort will often jump up into the air and jump down dealing damage in a huge radius. Make sure to avoid any kind of contact with its body during its huge jump, and to avoid staying in the landing spot.

You will take a great amount of damage if you come into contact with the Immortal during this attack.

Charge Attack
The Immortal will often charge at you, which is extremely important to dodge, otherwise you will receive a ton of damage from it. Make sure to simply move sideways when you see it charging towards you.

Spin Attack
The massive piece of machinery will start spinning around an axis, and all you need to do is maintain your distance until the attack stops.

Blast Attack
The final attack GunFort has is the Blast Attack where he collects energy and then releases it at you. You will be pushed back towards the yellow and red barrier.

You have time to get back into the area if you are past the yellow barrier; but going past the red barrier is going to kill you instantly.

Charging the Daemon X Machine and just trying to deal damage to it will result in miserable failure. The best way to deal damage to the giant machine is to follow the following strategies:

The colossal being will not be able to hit you if you are attacking it from the underneath; co-incidentally, this is also where its weakness is found.

Try to get under it as much as you can, and deal damage for as long as you’re in there. This is the best way to keep dealing large amounts of damage to GunFort.

Shoot at GunFort’s knees in order to reveal red power cells. Shoot at them to deal massive amounts of damage to the machine.

Attack the boss right after it finishes any of his attacks. You will have a window of opportunity to get under him after he does his jump attack. You can get close after his charge attack.

After he finishes his spin move, get up close and personal. If you can successfully dodge the Blast Attack, just unleash all hell onto the machine and deal as much damage as you can.

Just make sure, you are under the boss whenever you have the chance.

GunFort Alpha and Beta
There isn’t much difference or change to the fighting strategy against these versions. Apart from these two versions, there is also GunFort Omega which you will encounter later on in the game.

Alpha has cannons on its back which charge up to unleash a beam. Prepare to dodge it once you see it charging up.

Beta has a missile launcher on its back which can be easily avoided by simply being underneath the boss.


  • GunFort will give you the OAW-P14 Achilles.
  • GunFort Alpha rewards you with the OAW-R51 Vanish Loa.
  • Gunfort Beta gives you the OAW-AM13 Icarus

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