Daemon X Machina Eclipse Boss Guide

Eclipse is considered a very unique immortal in Daemon X Machina, as he can only be found in the Co-op missions. Defeating him is not an easy task as it requires patience and strategies. In this Daemon X Machina Eclipse Boss guide, we’ll be talking about how to defeat this powerful boss.

Daemon X Machina Eclipse Boss

This Boss steals all the abilities and powers possessed by almost every other Immortal in Daemon X Machina.

In short, Eclipse is the combination of every immortal you face in the game, making it a very powerful force to reckon with.


#1 Ability: Gunfort’s energy field
This ability is borrowed from the first immortal you face, Gunfort. This ability enables Eclipse to create a massive energy field that can easily take you out of the arena. If you come in contact with it then you may die immediately.

This ability may not be effective alone, but when combined with the other abilities possessed by Eclipse, it can become the weapon of mass destruction.

#2 Ability: Bolt’s Electric Stream Attack
This ability is taken from Bolt, it’s an electric stream attack shot from an arc gun placed on the side of his body. This ability is known for causing massive damage on the opponent. Therefore, these attacks must be avoided at all costs.

#3 Ability: Dreadnought’s Force Cannon
Force Cannon is an ability possessed by Dreadnought. Using this ability, Eclipse projects a green-colored beam causing a massive energy wave that can instantly take you out.

#4 Ability: Rebellion’s Energy Field
Rebellion creates an energy field from the plate on his chest. By stealing this ability, Eclipse can create an energy field around his entire body to defend himself.

#5 Ability: Dominator’s Gravity Veil
By using Dominator’s Gravity Veil, Eclipse creates a gravity ball and lures you towards him and if you touch the ball, Eclipse steals your weapons.

Make sure you don’t go too close to him when this move is being executed.

#6 Ability: Aviator’s Splitting Ability
This ability is a very dangerous one as it can split Eclipse into three parts. This ability is so dangerous because it allows all the three forms of Eclipse to carry all the abilities mentioned above, making each split as powerful as the other. Good luck dealing with three Eclipses!

Defeating three Eclipse’s is a job that can’t be done alone therefore, the easiest option is to call for backup and focus on the main body.


Apart from the stolen abilities, Eclipse also has two weaknesses. The first disadvantage he has is staying still during attacks (Force Cannon and the Gravity Veil).

The best counter is to take him down when he’s in one place, by using the highly recommended moves: shoulder-mounted lasers and Deadly Drive. This way you’ll lower his HP and he’ll be down in no time.

The second disadvantage Eclipse has is his shield. This shield helps you differentiate between the three parts when Eclipse uses the Aviator’s Splitting Ability.

Just keep in mind that when you’re focusing on the shield, the other two parts can attack you from behind. So, be careful.

Stunning combined with laser cannons can really be effective in damaging Eclipse. However, if you take a lot of damage, then all three orbs will focus on you. In a case like this, you need to reroute and let your team handle the business for you.

Eclipse has a blueprint weapon called the OAW-GG99 black moon. This gun is really rare in Daemon X Machina as it opens a black hole when shot.

However, two things can counter this weapon; a surface and a wall. If it encounters any one of them, it’ll stop dead in its tracks. Therefore, this weapon is highly effective against Colossi and not smaller opponents.

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