Daemon X Machina Dreadnought Boss Guide

Dreadnought is one of the many colossal immortal bosses you will be facing in the game. We will be going over viable strategies and talk about all of Daemon X Machina Dreadnought Boss attacks that you need to be careful of.

Daemon X Machina Dreadnought Boss

Dreadnought’s attacks centralize around the utility of its drills. You will often find it going under the ground and coming out, simply flying across the arena and bombarding you with missiles afterwards.

You can dodge these moves easily utilizing the open space of the arena.

Drilling Under
As the battle starts, Dreadnought will drill into the ground and unleash missiles from the top plate of his body. During this phase, you will have to target the plate and destroy it whilst avoiding all the projectiles.

Launching Out of the Ground
Dreadnought will often launch out of the ground after drilling, and go across the arena. If you happen to be caught up in this, you will end up taking a considerable amount of damage.

This damage becomes even more ridiculous as Dreadnought gets stronger.

Front Cannon Attack
The Front Cannon will only be used when the boss takes enough damage. Once that happens, the second phase of the fight will begin and it will start using its front cannon in the fight.

For the laser attack, you will see a green beam where he aims, signaling you to get the heck out of the way.

Dreadnought can be stunned during his Front Cannon attack. Whilst he is channeling his beam, dodge to the left or right and damage his cannon during the attack.

You will disable his digging ability for a bit and keep him above ground; allowing you to unleash damage.

A second of staying still may cost you a big chunk of health. Moving around the field is the best way to avoid the Dreadnought’s dangerous attacks.

Dreadnought has a weak point around its back, which is a small protrusion that should be your primary target. Deal as much damage as you can, using this weakness.

Another weakness that can be a bit hard to target is the area under the lower part of its cannon.


  • OAW-CL43 Raider Force (Uses up stamina).
  • OAW-R42 Lost Heart (Slow rate of fire but great accuracy).

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