Daemon X Machina Best Armors Guide

Learn all about the advantages and types of armor you can use in Daemon X Machina to determine which is the best one for your usage

Daemon X Machina encourages you to try out various gear pieces, we will be providing you with details on all the statistics concerning every category so that you may determine which Daemon X Machina Best Armors sets you may want to use; unique to your situation.

Daemon X Machina Best Armors

Different armor pieces give an increase and decrease in different variables. These variables determine what you are best able to stand up against.

Armor Statistics
This is what will primarily determine the quality of your armor. Depending on these statistics, you will be able to withstand one thing better than the other, or more than one.

Certain armor pieces have, exclusive to them only, specific statistics, which we will be discussing when we get to said armor pieces.

  • Memory Usage – Armor pieces use a certain amount of memory, now the memory capacity is actually set by the chest piece only. Should you happen to exceed your memory capacity, you will be receiving a debuff.
  • Durability – As the name would imply, durability is a determination of how long your armor can generally last. If the durability reaches zero, the armor piece will be destroyed. The sum of durability of all armor pieces is essentially the ‘VP’ of the arsenal, and if that reaches zero, your arsenal becomes useless.
  • Defense – All armor pieces have a general defense rating that will give you an estimate of how much damage you are able to tank.
  • Weight – The higher your arsenal’s weight is, the lesser speed you will have as a result. For higher defense values, you will usually have to compromise speed.

Furthermore, there are 5 types of attacks that your armor can provide resistance to, which are:

  • Bullet/Laser Defense
  • Burn Resistance
  • Stun Resistance
  • Acid Resistance

Head Armor

Aside from the previously mentioned statistics, Head Armor exclusive provides the following additional statistics.

Head Armor Exclusive Statistics

  • Sight Size – Changes the area of your UI in which the arsenal is able to lock onto targets. Where R X is the radius and S X:Y is the rectangular size of X by Y.
  • Lock-On Time – Total time taken in order to lock onto a target after it has entered your line of sight.
  • Lock-On Range – The maximum distance in which you can lock onto another target.
  • Radar Detection Range – This feature determines the radius in which you will be able to detect enemies.

The following are all the pieces of Head Gear found throughout your journey in the game.


  • SAP-DR-H00 Durandal
  • SAP-HB-H01 Halberd
  • SAP-CR-H01 Claymore
  • SAP-LS-H01 Long Sword
  • SAP-FB-H03 Flamberge
  • SAP-GD-H01 Gladius
  • SAP-SB-H01 Sword Breaker
  • SAP-RD-H01 Radiant Gleam
  • SAP-FF-H01 Flash Phantom


  • HAP-AT-H11 Atlas
  • HAP-GL-H01 Goliath
  • HAP-HC-H08 Hecatonchier
  • HAP-FD-H01 Fluoresce Dominion
  • HAP-RG-H01 Legion
  • HAP-OR-H01 Orsa


  • ZAP-OF-H02 Osafune
  • ZAP-ZG-H05 Izanagi
  • ZAP-RK-H03 Raikiri
  • ZAP-MS-H09 Musou
  • ZAP-ZM-H05 Izanami

Body Armor

Body Armor will determine your following abilities:

Body Armor Exclusive Statistics

  • Memory Capacity – Total cap for memory. If you happen to exceed this limit, debuffs will be applied to your arsenal.
  • Flight Speed – Your chest piece will also determine how fast you are able to fly from point A to point B.
  • Flight Boost Speed – Your speed whilst boosting will be different than your normal speed, your chest piece will also be able to modify how fast you can fly whilst boosting.
  • Boost STM Usage – This is the rate at which your STM bar will decrease while you are boosting.

The following are all the pieces of Body Armor you can find throughout your gameplay.


  • SAP-DR-C00 Durandal
  • SAP-HB-C01 Halberd
  • SAP-CR-C01 Claymore
  • SAP-LS-C01 Long Sword
  • SAP-FB-C03 Flamberge
  • SAP-CD-C01 Gladius
  • SAP-SB-C01 Sword Breaker
  • SAP-RD-C01 Radiant Gleam
  • SAP-FF-C01 Flash Phantom


  • HAP-AT-C11 Atlas
  • HAP-GL-C01 Goliath
  • HAP-HC-C08 Hecatonchier
  • HAP-FD-C01 Fluoresce Dominion
  • HAP-RG-C01 Legion
  • HAP-OR-C01 Orsa


  • ZAP-OF-C02 Osafune
  • ZAP-KS-C05 Kusanagi
  • ZAP-RK-C03 Raikiri


Processor has no effect on your Arsenal and there are only 6 pieces of it having unique effects. It also has no attachment slots.

  • Lock Control – Gives a boost to lock-on range.
  • Boost Up – Increases mobility and gives an increase to both movement speed on air and land.
  • Firing Up – Increase your shooting performance, and provide an increase to accuracy, firing rate and reload speed.
  • Stamina Up – Increases the efficiency of stamina use. You will use up less stamina in all things that requires stamina.
  • Memory Up – Provides an additional boost to your maximum memory cap.
  • Normal Tune – Standard, default processor.


Arm Armor modifies your fire rate, your reload speed, and various other gun and melee related stats. Following are all the statistics that your arm pieces are going to give you.

  • Fire Rate Support – Modifies the rounds per minute your gun can shoot out.
  • Reload Support – Modifies your reload speed.
  • Shot Delay Support – The time it takes in between firing two consecutive shots.
  • Precision Support – Your accuracy whilst shooting.
  • Throwing Performance – Speed of throwing your throw able items, such as grenades.
  • Melee Performance – Efficiency and speed of your melee weapon.

The following are all the arm pieces you can find in the game.


  • ASAP-DR-L00 Durandal
  • SAP-HB-L01 Halberd
  • SAP-CR-L01 Claymore
  • SAP-LS-L01 Long Sword
  • SAP-FB-:03 Flamberge
  • SAP-SB-L01 Sword Breaker
  • SAP-ST-L01 Stilleto


  • HAP-AT-L11 Atlas
  • HAP-GL-L01 Goliath
  • HAP-OT-L22-Otus
  • HAP-ET-L22 Ephialtes
  • HAP-FD-L01 Fluoresce Dominion
  • HAP-RG-R01 Legion
  • HAP-OR-L01 Orsa
  • HAP-LB-L01 Liberator


  • HPW-AR-L14 Gun Arm-BZ
  • HPW-AR-L01 Gun Arm-AR
  • HPW-AM-L02 Gun Arm-MG
  • HPW-AS-L32 Gun Arm-SH


  • ZAP-OF-L02 Osafune
  • ZAP-KS-L05 Kusanagi
  • ZAP-RK-L03 Raikiri
  • ZAP-MX-L09 Muramasa

Legs Armor

This part of Daemon X Machina armor is going to be covering the bottom half of your character and notably affecting stats like your STM management, jump performance and other such statistics which include.

Land Speed – Increases mobility.

Land Boost Speed – Increases speed for Land Boost.

Landing Recovery Time – Decreases recovery time for landing.

Knockdown Recovery Time – Decreases the time required to recover from a knockdown.

Jump Performance – Allows you to cover greater distances by jumping.

Land Boost STM Efficiency – Helps with making STM usage more efficient when you boost.


  • SAP-DR-B00 Durandal
  • SAP-HB-B01 Halberd
  • SAP-CR-B01 Claymore
  • SAP-LS-B01 Long Sword
  • SAP-FB-B03 Flamberge
  • SAP-GD-B01 Gladius
  • SAP-SB-B01 Sword Breaker
  • SAP-RD-B01 Radiant Gleam
  • SAP-FF-B01 Flash Phantom


  • HAP-AT-B11 Atlas
  • HAP-GL-B01 Goliath
  • HAP-HC-B08 Hecatonchier
  • HAP-FD-B01 Fluoresce Dominion
  • HAP-OR-B01 Orsa


  • ZAP-OF-B02 Osafune
  • ZAP-KS-B05 Kusanagi
  • ZAP-RK-B03 Raikiri
  • ZAP-KK-B31 Kazekuri
  • ZAP-SN-B32 Susano-o

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