D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die “Never” Coming to PS4, PC Version is a Possibility

D4: Dark Dreams

The director and producer of Access Games, Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro, on his twitter has revealed that D4 will “never” come to PlayStation 4.

However, in another statement on twitter, SWERY hinted at a PC release of D4 as he neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of bringing the game to the platform.

Dark Dreams Don’t Die (D4) is an episodic game released for Xbox One at this year’s TGS, which was quite surprising as there was no announcement of the release date made by Microsoft.

So far, the game has been getting positive reception from the critics as people are appreciating it due to the depth and attention that has been given to every single portion of the game.

Those of you who do own an Xbox One, can download and try out D4 right now and play through its episodes. The PS4 version is not possible it seems, but there is still hope for the PC players.

Are you disappointed that D4 will not be coming to PlayStation 4?

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