D.Va Gets New Voice Lines for Defense Matrix in Overwatch

The recent update to the Public Test Region (PTR) of Overwatch has brought new voice lines for D.Va that kick in upon the activation of her Defense Matrix.

For those unaware, the ability brings up a forward-facing shield that erases incoming projectiles. D.Va already featured a number of voice lines for her other abilities, but now has a few new ones to take into the battlefield.

A video posted by a community member highlights the new interactions. By default, D.Va responds with “D.Nied” upon activating her Defense Matrix. However, she also has special lines when the shield is able to successfully deny the ultimate abilities of specific heroes.

In the case of Pharah’s Barrage, D.Va responds with “Good thing I brought an umbrella.” Against McCree’s Deadeye, she exclaims “I think your clock is off.” Reaper’s Death Blossom is met by “Maybe next time” and Soldier: 76’s Tactical Visor by “No hacks for you.” Finally there is Roadhog’s Whole Hog that sees D.Va retort with “I think this pig is a little undercooked.”

As exciting as the new voice lines are, the real attraction of the latest PTR update is in the arrival of the long-awaited Doomfist. The antagonist features a terrifying kit of abilities, which opens up a lot of possibilities at high-level play.

Doomfist is equipped with a hand cannon for his primary weapon. His secondary attack is called Rocket Punch, which can knock enemies into the air or slam them into the ground. His ultimate ability is Meteor Strike, which lets him jump high into the air before smashing down with enormous force. The other two abilities include Seismic Slam and Rising Uppercut, along with a brief shield that appears every time he hits an opponent with an ability.

There is no telling when Blizzard will allow him to hit the live servers of Overwatch but it should be within the next month.

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