Cyberpunk 2077 Westbrook Side Jobs Guide

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Westbrook Side Jobs guide, we will go through all of the side jobs in the Westbrook district of Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Westbrook Side Jobs

Westbrook district of Cyberpunk 2077 is filled with some exciting and challenging side jobs. Apart from the main quest missions, you can complete these side jobs to get the rewards they come with.

The Westbrook District side jobs of Cyberpunk are fairly easy to find as they pop up when you reach any particular location.

These side jobs can be avoided if you want to keep focusing on the main quest, but these will always be available on your map for you to complete later on. Let’s take a look at each of them.

The Ballad of Buck Ravers

This is the first side job that you will have to complete after you are done with the Woman La Mancha gig and making your way to the exit.

As you exit the market, a dialogue will start with Johnny Silverhand about the nearby man playing a guitar.

After the dialogue ends, follow the side job marker, which will take you to Japan Town of Westbrook District.

You will need to have either Corpo Dialogue or a Level 7 cool attribute to complete the quest. Experience points will be obtained as a reward.

As the side job starts, you need to go to Rainbow Cadenza, the club in Japan town.

The club that Johnny mentioned in your conversation with him now happens to be a Slurp Shop.

Enter the shop and talk to the cook. He will tell you that the about the old tapes Samurai can be found in the nearby market (a marker will appear on your map).

Reach the marker and talk to the vendor. He will give you a recording of the Samurai concert for free if you have level 7 cool or Corpo Dialogue.

When the dialogue option comes up, select it, talk to the vendor and obtain the recording. Go back to Johnny and talk to him to end the quest.

Epistrophy: North Oak

The Epistrophy side job requires you to complete ”Tune Up” side job first. In Tune Up, you need to find 7 missing cabs that belong to Delamain.

Finding each cab is a separate side job. Once all the 7 cabs are found, track the next job to North Oak area of Westbrook.

You need to follow the dotted line which will take you to the quest marker. Delamain will call you and tell you that one of his cabs is in this area.

A marker will appear on your map, which you need to go to. When you arrive, you will see the cab driving around slowly.

You need to get in the driver’s seat and drive the cab to where the virus infected cab asks you to.

Follow the dotted line that has appeared on your map. Don’t drive too fast as the cab will ask you to slow down.

Keep driving till you reach the garage upon which Delemain will call you and the quest will be rendered complete. You will get 374 XP, 872 Street Credits and $1140.